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Scientific American: ‘Climate Anxiety Is an Overwhelmingly White Phenomenon’ – College student ‘willing to submit to a green dictator’ to fight climate   Is it really just code for white people wishing to hold onto their way of life or to get “back to normal?” By Sarah Jaquette Ray (Sarah Jaquette Ray, Ph.D., is professor and chair in the Environmental Studies Department at Humboldt State University.) The climate movement is ascendant, and it has […]

Listen & Read full transcript: ‘Green Fraud,’ a new book from Marc Morano, exposes far-reaching implications of the Green New Deal Your Guidebook to Combating the Climate-Crazed Left By Rob Bluey  You’ve no doubt heard of the Green New Deal, the far left’s favorite piece of legislation. But do you know where it originated? How it became the centerpiece of the left’s agenda? Or that many of its provisions have nothing to do with climate […]

Sky Is Falling! WashPost Editorial Board Drunk on Climate Alarmism, Cries ‘Imminent’ Danger By Joseph Vazquez The Washington Post Editorial Board tried to scare the U.S. Senate into passing sweeping legislation to fight climate change. The liberal paper’s March 18 editorial headline seemed to suggest Armageddon could happen tomorrow: “The danger of climate change is imminent. The Senate must approve a strong policy.” The editorial reeked of eco-extremist […]

Listen: Morano interviewed about new book ‘Green Fraud’

A Plain Answer: Climate Change – Marc Morano Air Date: 3/20/2021 – Redeemer Broadcasting Climate Change – Marc Morano Today we interview a man who has spent years researching climate change, environmental, and energy issues. He’s also traveled to Greenland in 2007 to investigate global warming claims. He comes at this from the position of an […]

Scientists Offer Hope. Summer Could Last Six Months By The End Of The Century BY JAZZ SHAW Having just come out of a period here in upstate New York where the temperatures never rose above 40 degrees for nearly three solid months, when I saw this headline over at NBC News, I thought they might be announcing something really inspiring. “Summers could last half the year by […]