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Electric Cars Lose Attraction Among Germans…Results Of New Survey ‘Astonishing’

Electric Cars Lose Attraction Among Germans…Results Of New Allensbach Survey “Astonishing”
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Bad news for the acceptance of electric cars in Germany as new survey finds results “astonishing”.

German online weekly FOCUS reports according to several Allensbach surveys that although there is a strong interest in environmentally friendly mobility among people, they don’t view electric cars as being particularly practical, let alone green.

Tesla e-car. Image: Vauxford – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

E-car “out of the question”

Fifty five percent, a majority, said the purchase of an electric car is out of the question. and only 29 percent can imagine buying an electric car in principle.

The cold wintry weather last February led to a drop in enthusiasm for electric mobility among German motorists because the wintry weather “apparently led to a critical debate about the performance of e-cars”.

Only 9 percent show genuine interest

“Only nine percent of those surveyed could imagine purchasing an e-car in the the next three years,” FOCUS reports. “The acceptance of electric mobility is much more pronounced among younger people than among the middle-aged and older citizens who have more purchasing power.” This does not bode well for the electric car market.

Battery production and recycling: e-vehicles don’t appear all that green

Another problem is that many Germans have stopped believing that electric cars are really that green. Significantly more than half of the German citizens have concerns about electric cars’ environmental friendliness.

“Even 57 percent of Green Party supporters express doubts about the environmental friendliness of electric cars,” FOCUS reveals. Only the right wing AfD supporters are more critical.

Fraught with major drawbacks

The Allensbach opinion research institute called the results of the survey “astonishing”.

The other major drawbacks of electric cars, FOCUS reports, are the lack of charging stations, low distance range and high purchase price.

The survey was conducted in the state of Lower Saxony, where a large number of citizens rely heavily on the automobile as a means of mobility.

“Around half of them use their car every day, three quarters at least several times a week,” FOCUS reports. “For 91 percent of Lower Saxons who use the car more often, the car is indispensable or difficult to do without.”

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