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Democrat New Mexico Governor: Biden’s Energy Policy ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Democrat New Mexico Governor: Biden’s Energy Policy ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’The Biden administration has paused oil and gas leasing on federal lands, which account for more than 60% of New Mexico’s oil and gas production and 55% of their state wells. By Lord Staff- March 13, 2021Michelle Lujan GrishamDemocrat New Mexico Governor Michelle […]

Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl’s book review of Morano’s Green Fraud: ‘Amazing…entertained…sourced in a perfectionist way’ By Dr. Lubos Motl Marc Morano: Green Fraud Marc Morano runs but I actually believe that it is just a small fraction of his amazing activities against the climate hysteria and its political consequences. I have previously enjoyed Climate Hustle 1 as well as Climate Hustle 2, professionally made, highly entertaining, and insightful movies. He has previously published The […]

NASA Surface Station Data Show East Antarctica NOT WARMING Past 4 Decades…Cooling Trend By P Gosselin on 7. March 2021 By Kirye and Pierre Today we update 12 stations located at the eastern side of Antarctica, where surface temperatures are colder than those located near the peninsula: Chart: NASA-GISS.  Below the NASA data from the 12 stations are plotted going back almost 4 decades, to 1983. The first chart has 4 […]

WSJ: ‘Here Come Climate Reparations’ – ‘Democrats create a fund to offset the damage from their policies’ By The Editorial Board March 11, 2021 6:49 pm ET Believe it or not, some Western Democrats are starting to push back against the Biden Administration’s climate assault on their constituents. “We write to follow up on President Biden’s Executive Order 14008 addressing the climate crisis,” New Mexico Democratic Sens. Martin Heinrich and Ben […]

Analysis: Former NASA scientist James Hansen ‘Got Everything Wrong’ About Global Warming by Tony Heller I’ve spent thirteen years documenting how NASA’s James Hansen got everything wrong – and how he corrupted temperature data to cover it up. But he says he was correct about everything. James Hansen wishes he wasn’t so right about global warming I’m not going to detail his impressive list of failures here, […]

Study: Warming oceans mean smaller baby sharks struggle to survive PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The warming of worldwide oceans from climate change means baby sharks are at risk of being born smaller and without the energy they need to survive, a group of scientists has found. The scientists, who conducted the work in connection with the New England Aquarium, studied epaulette sharks, which live […]