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Bill Gates brags: ‘I drank water made from human feces’ – Watch Morano on Ezra Levant’s TV show: ‘You’ll own nothing. & You’ll be happy. Eat poop burgers & drink poop water’ – Great Diet Reset

Broadcast February 19, 2021 – Rebel TV

On the latest episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot on Twitter) called in to talk about the natural instincts of our lockdown rulers.

Here’s a bit of what Marc had to say:

Morano: “John Kerry… said we had nine years left to save the planet. That is what’s driving all of this. Now — that’s on one hand, that’s an ideology… disguised as science.

“On the other [hand], interestingly enough, Bill Gates is now the largest farm owner in America.

“So you start wondering and you heard reports earlier, years ago, of [George] Soros buying up coal plants that were going offline. The theory at the time was maybe he was buying coal plants in order to —once they’re all shut down — he’ll have a monopoly once they’re needed if wind and solar are mandated and fail — as backups.

We’re seeing this now one quick classic example of COVID/Climate. Bill Gates wants to buy and he brags in in his book I shouldn’t say he brags, but he confesses that he’s the worst spokesman for this and he took a private jet to the UN Paris agreement. But he’s still buying bidding for the world’s largest private jet transport company for he and his billionaire buddies number one. Number two on the climate front you have climate activists saying you can’t fly unless it’s morally justifiable during a climate emergency. So this is where we are this is you know the George Orwell’s quote: You want to see the future of the human race? It’s a boot stamped on their face. And this is how it comes out it’s that central planning ideological instinct and they need the scare COVID/Climate, whatever the scare is, that’s the simplest answer and they think it’s an arrogance of just planning.

The motivation of Bill Gates and Other? 

Morano: I think it’s just an ideology of central planning and they’re always looking for justifications. The COVID lockdowns have been a great one to advance central planning as we’ve seen the last year. But the climate is an enduring one and I’m sure COVID will be too. …

“But the climate is an enduring one, and I’m sure COVID will be too, but it’s an enduring one of what their natural instinct is — they don’t like the idea, the messiness of human freedom and living. They want to put us all in cities, they want to pack us in, they want to have us own nothing… and they want… to regulate literally every aspect of our lives.”

More Morano excerpts:

Morano: “There’s a guy a few years before this that was claiming that he could make a poop burger (from human feces) so this is not in isolation and they’re actually talking about all these burgers they actually did a youtube video and then other people said it was a hoax but after now seeing Bill Gates bragging about drinking poop water why would a poop burger be a hoax?

‘Poop burgers’ to save the planet??! Japanese scientist allegedly creates artificial meat from human feces — or did he?

And if the world economic forum is pushing printed meat, who knows what we can believe anymore. Now the new slogan of the World Economic Forum with Bill Gates should be: ‘You’ll own nothing. And You’ll be happy. Eat poop burgers and drink poop water.’ I think that’s their new modified slogan.

It’s also insects. The World Economic Forum and the climate campaigners are all pushing eating insects to save the earth. It is actually a real push. They’ve even got Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Kidman and others doing videos for Vanity Fair about how yummy live insects are. I don’t know where the animal rights people are. (Also see: World Economic Forum Encourages Drinking ‘Reclaimed’ Sewage & Eating Weeds – ‘Weeds can be nutritious & tasty’)

Watch Secret Talent Theatre | Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs | Vanity Fair Video | CNE | | Vanity Faireating insectsTo prevent global warming, a low-fat diet of house flies, earthworms & crickets is recommended – ‘For the overall health of the planet, you should be eating more insects…It’s a serious solution to the increasingly pressing problems of global warming’


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Report: Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres of farmland, making him America’s biggest private-farmland owner – Gates, whose net worth of nearly $121 billion makes him the world’s fourth-richest person, and his wife, Melinda Gates, hold an extensive farmland portfolio stretching over more than a dozen states, according to The Land Report. The Gates family’s biggest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres), and Nebraska (20,588 acres), the report said. The farmland is held both directly and through Cascade Investment, a firm controlled by Gates to manage his investments, according to The Land Report.

Morano commentary on Al Gore’s Quest to Be the First Fake Meat Billionaire – Excerpt: Fake meat burgers are not winning awards for their health value either. CNN’s nutritionist, Lisa Drayer, was blunt, noting the amount of saturated fat and calories in Burger King’s Impossible Burger: “If you are choosing to eat these [fake meat] burgers solely for their health value, you may want to reconsider.”

‘Poop burgers’ to save the planet??! Japanese scientist allegedly creates artificial meat from human feces — or did he? – ‘Poop burgers’ will be good for the climate because ‘the meatpacking industry causes 18% of our greenhouse gas emissions…hopefully people will be able to overlook that ugly detail (eating human feces) in favor of perks like environmental responsibility’ – Editor’s Note: Enjoy the article, but ‘poop burgers’ are a hoax. See here & here.

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‘Join the insect food revolution’ to fight ‘global warming’: ‘I eat bugs…Insects are the future of food and farming’ – Watch: Research psychologist Dr. Jenny Josephs at TEDX Talk: ‘Insects are way better for the environment than traditional livestock farming…Cows are known for creating a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and that is obviously a serious problem…Gram for gram insects are about 100 times better in terms of greenhouse gas emissions than beef’

‘One of the things I like to do, it is a very easy way to cook them is to just marinate them in something like soy sauce or Cajun sauces and then braise them in the oven.’

Reset your diet! World Economic Forum touts eating bugs to save the planet! ‘Good grub: why we might be eating insects soon’

Flashback 2015: The New King Coal: George Soros – Steve Milloy: The left wasn’t going to kill off the coal industry so much as it was going to steal it. That prediction is already becoming true courtesy of billionaire George Soros. U.S. Securities and Exchange Act filings indicate that Soros has purchased an initial 1 million shares of Peabody Energy and 553,200 shares of Arch Coal, the two largest publicly traded U.S. coal companies. …

Under the hypothesis that not even socialists would leave trillions of dollars worth of a perfectly safe and clean energy source in the ground for the sake of the imaginary “climate crisis,” I posited that once the existing coal industry ownership was wiped out by President Obama’s regulatory onslaught, a new politically correct ownership would rehabilitate the fuel by contributing to Democrats. Enter George Soros, a hardball investor and philanthropist to myriad left-wing causes, including the activist and “clean energy” rent-seeking movements that have helped take down the coal industry. In 2009, for example, Soros announced he would spend $1 billion in “clean energy” technology and create a San Francisco-based advocacy organization called the Climate Policy Initiative.