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“What If Bill Gates Disappeared?” – CREEPY Kids Video Praises Bill Gates as the Defender of the Earth’s Climate from Those Evil Fossil Fuels

By Joe Hoft

What are our children being fed?

The below video is being pushed out to our children on YouTube:

At the 3:29 mark of the Children’s video below, the creators of this children’s video share propaganda about Bill Gates and global warming. [Of course, they assume many things.]

The video asks, ‘What if Bill Gates Disappears?’ right after asking the same for Batman or Superman.

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The storyline states that Gates will be missed by millions because he is rich.

Then the video shares that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private charitable foundation worldwide and if he disappeared, philanthropy will take a large hit.

Then the video suggests that Bill Gates is a leader in the climate change initiative and if he disappears this would take a large hit.

Then they share that fossil fuels may make a comeback if Gates disappears, insinuating fossil fuels are bad.

This goes on and on.

This video is simply shocking: