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Here we go again: Climate activists blame record cold/snow on warming! – ‘How global warming also brings colder weather’ – Climate Depot Rebuttal By Jeannette Cwienk – Deutsche Welle (DW) – Germany’s international broadcaster Article Claim: Temperatures in the Arctic have risen more than twice as fast as the global average over the past 40 years. Reality Check: Study’s Model Simulations Show Arctic Sea Ice Reached Lowest Point On Modern Record… In The 1940s, Not Today Arctic Cool […]

“What If Bill Gates Disappeared?” – CREEPY Kids Video Praises Bill Gates as the Defender of the Earth’s Climate from Those Evil Fossil Fuels By Joe Hoft What are our children being fed? The below video is being pushed out to our children on YouTube: At the 3:29 mark of the Children’s video below, the creators of this children’s video share propaganda about Bill Gates and global warming. [Of course, they assume many things.] The video asks, ‘What […]

Tree Remnants Show Greta’s Thunberg’s Northern Sweden Was 3°C Warmer 9300 Years Ago…Trees once grew where tundra is today By P Gosselin 9300-year old vegetation remnants found under receding glaciers in Northern Sweden show that the trees once grew where tundra exists today, meaning it was warmer. Hat-tip: Kenneth Richard A new Swedish publication titled New Presence Of Beaver (Castor fiber L) in the Scandes sustains warmer-than-present conditions and a patchily treed and rich mountainscape finds that […]

CDC’s double mask mannequin ‘study’ is lunacy dressed up as science: ‘No human beings were involved in this study’ – CDC admits ‘double masking might impede breathing’

The CDC’s double mask mannequin ‘study’ is lunacy dressed up as science – 'No human beings were involved in this study' – The Dossier — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) February 12, 2021 A new “public health” low. By Jordan Schachtel The CDC has released a new “study” by the government health institution that claims […]