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UK PM Boris Johnson’s father Stanley lands new eco role that could see him pushing the Prime Minister on green taxes

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has landed a new environmental job which could see him putting pressure on the Prime Minister to bring in green taxes. His new role is as international ambassador of the Conservative Environment Network, a group of 100 MPs and peers.
In his role, Mr Johnson Snr will attend the United Nations COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow in November. He said he will ‘constructively’ call for policies including carbon taxes, which raise the price of goods producing more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.
He said the PM has a ‘key role’ in taking a ‘firm grip’ on governments to ensure they meet the goal of curbing global warming to 2C and commit to having net zero emissions by 2050.
But he said that green taxes may prove easier to achieve in the UK now that the Covid-19 means the Chancellor of the Exchequer is ‘pushed in the right direction of carbon taxes’.
Conservative Environment Network launches Net Zero Champions initiative backed by 25 MPs
“A group of Conservative backbenchers have teamed up to champion a series of net zero policy interventions spanning the full breadth of the green economy, in bid to encourage the government to deliver a fresh wave of ambitious climate policy measures in the run up to the critical COP26 climate summit in November.