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Psaki Mocks Reporter For Asking Where Keystone Workers Can Get Green Jobs

Psaki Mocks Reporter For Asking Where Keystone Workers Can Get Green JobsClimate Change Dispatch / 19h

The Biden administration has no good answers for serious questions about the fate of the workers laid off in the wake of the abrupt cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline.

But his press secretary will punish anyone who dares to ask an embarrassing question about them.

Their lives and livelihoods have been turned upside-down in order to appease green fanatics.

The move won’t even aid the cause of the fanatics, as rail transport of the oil being produced emits far more carbon than transport via a pipeline.

It also causes far more ecological damage from spills. Warren Buffett and other railroad stockholders will do quite well, though, thank you very much.

With such a dismal real-world set of consequences for the Biden decision, Psaki really didn’t have much to work with in crafting an answer.

Still, with a gracelessness that is becoming her hallmark, Psaki tried to punish the lone reporter, Peter Doocy of Fox News, who dared ask a question more probing than the president’s ice cream preferences.

Ebony Bowden of the New York Post reports:

“Where is it that they can go for their green job?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki at her Monday afternoon press briefing, referring to Biden’s promise to create good-paying union jobs in the green energy sector as his administration attempts to end the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“That is something the administration has promised and there is now a gap so I’m just curious when that happens, when those people can count on that?” Doocy added.

“Well, I’d certainly welcome you to present your data of all the thousands and thousands of people who won’t be getting a green job,” Psaki snarked. “Maybe next time you’re here you can present that.”

Huh? There is no denying that Biden has put Keystone workers, about 11,000 of them, out of work. Instead of describing how the Biden administration will see that they get jobs, she demands proof that they won’t get jobs?

Doocy pressed further:

“But you said they will be getting green jobs. I’m just asking when that happens[,]” Doocy responded, noting a report by the Laborers’ International Union of North America that found 1,000 union jobs on the Keystone project would “immediately vanish.”

Psaki could tell the newly unemployed to wait patiently in the freezing cold of the Dakotas, or wherever else they are stuck with no job:

But Psaki swatted away the criticism and made a vague promise that Biden would put a jobs plan forward in the coming weeks.

Watch the sorry episode below:

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