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Massachusetts climate official: 60% of emissions come from people driving their cars & heating their homes: ‘WE HAVE TO BREAK THEIR WILL’ & ‘TURN THE SCREWS ON’ them

  MA Undersecretary for Climate Change David Ismay: “We Have to Break Your Will.” Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance David Ismay, Undersecretary for Climate Change, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs in a presentation to the Vermont Climate Council meeting held on 1-25-2021. “So let me say that again, 60% of our emissions that need […]

Bjorn Lomborg: Norway having 10% electric cars is because of ‘massive subsidies’ – New $30K car could receive benefits worth $26K

Funny But reason Norway is at 10% electric cars (55%+ new cars), is because of massive subsidies: A new $30K car could receive benefits worth $26K (waiving most costs, from taxes to tolls, parking and congestion, — Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) February 5, 2021 Electric cars are certainly fun, but almost everywhere cost […]

Offshore Wind Plans Will Drive Up Electricity Prices And Require ‘Massive Industrialization Of The Oceans’ By Robert Bryce The regatta for setting the loftiest targets for offshore wind energy development has set sail. Today, South Korea announced plans for 8.2 gigawatts of offshore wind. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently called for 40 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity to be built in UK waters by 2030. If achieved, it would be one of […]

Biden’s ‘Green Energy Jobs’ Really Means ‘No Energy Jobs’ And ‘Low-Paying Energy Jobs’ – ‘Oil & gas workers make double that of wind & solar workers’ By Mike Pasko Throughout his campaign for president, Joe Biden promised Americans that his green energy policies would “create millions of good-paying jobs.” During stump speeches and debates, Biden assured Americans that by transitioning the country away from fossil fuels, workers in these industries will be able to assume new roles in our new “clean” […]

‘How Biden’s Energy Policies Will Decimate American Jobs For No Good Reason’ By Mike Pasko One week after taking the oath of office, President Joe Biden kick-started his push to change how energy is produced and consumed in America. The White House marketed this as both “Climate Day” and “Jobs Day,” an obvious attempt to sell the idea that Democrat climate policies don’t just mean a better environment, […]

‘Authoritarian impulses’: Enviros now want harder, longer lockdowns to tackle climate change – ‘A climate lockdown would be forever’ By BEN PILE Over the past year, the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused untold damage to people’s lives. Discussing whether draconian policies are effective, or whether there may be other ways of managing the crisis, has been muted by angry ripostes – you will be branded a ‘denier’ or a ‘granny-killer’. To disagree […]

Mike Rowe Reacts To John Kerry’s Solar Panel Comments: ‘Energy Can’t Be The Enemy’ By Joseph Curl Mike Rowe is the working man’s hero. He’s also a font of common sense. The TV star, the former host of “Dirty Jobs,” on Monday weighed in on White House climate envoy John Kerry’s statement about oil industry workers who lose their jobs amid President Joe Biden’s climate change policies needing […]

2020 peer-reviewed study: From 1981-2018, global ‘drought has not intensified and expanded’

No increase in drought 1980-2018, Kogan et al 2020 "it is possible to state firmly that global and main grain countries’ drought area and intensity trends have not been following global climate warming since 1980’s" — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) February 4, 2021 Study published in 2020 in the journal Geomatics, Natural Hazards and […]