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Biden Administration Considering Allocating COVID-19 Funds To Climate Programs The Biden administration is considering authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to allocate COVID-19 funding for climate change projects, The New York Times reported Monday. The plan would reallocate part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) overall disaster budget to projects designed to preemptively address damage from climate disasters, The Times reported. The agency […]

Stop the Presses! ‘150 world leaders’ including Jeff Bezos, Ford CEO & Leonardo DiCaprio tell Biden ‘fighting climate means job creation’|twitter&par=sharebar Executives from Jeff Bezos to Ford Motor Co.’s Bill Ford tell Joe Biden: Fighting climate change means job creation By Cat Clifford More than 150 world leaders, including Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Ford Motor Company executive chairman Bill Ford, signed an open letter to President Joe Biden to pledge […]

New U.S. Strategy Would Quickly Free Billions in Climate Funds The New York Times WASHINGTON — Federal officials, showing how rapidly the Biden administration is overhauling climate policy after years of denial under former President Donald Trump, aim to free up as much as $10 billion at the Federal Emergency Management Agency to protect against climate disasters before they strike. The agency, best known […]

Biden Sets in Motion Plan to Ban New Oil & Gas Leases on Federal Land – Will also ‘elevate climate change to a national security priority’ By LISA FRIEDMAN The New York Times WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Wednesday will direct federal agencies to determine how expansive a ban on new oil and gas drilling leases on federal land should be, part of a suite of executive orders that will effectively launch his agenda to combat climate change, two […]

Biden following California energy policy of ‘doing everything possible to INCREASE the cost of electricity & fuels’

Biden’s climate plans are energizing national security problems By Ronald Stein For the first time in 70 years, through the fracking boom in recent years, the U.S. attained energy independence status meaning we were no longer held hostage to unstable Petro-powers and the vagaries of foreign energy supplies. Under President Trump, America had a […]

‘A whole-of-government approach’ – Climate will touch ‘every single piece’ of Biden’s budget By Nick Sobczyk, E&E News reporter President Biden’s two top climate advisers promised a whole-of-government approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to a warmer planet, with an effort extending beyond the traditional environmental agencies. “We want every single piece of the federal budget to be looked at,” Gina McCarthy, the former EPA […]

Dem Sen Majority Leader Schumer urges Biden ‘to call a climate emergency’ – ‘He can do many, many things under the emergency powers…without legislation’ Schumer urges Biden to declare climate emergency By Adam Aton, E&E News reporter Excerpt: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said last night he would attempt to pass President Biden’s climate agenda with a simple majority, and he urged the president to unlock additional powers by declaring climate change a national emergency. … “We’re looking […]

Both Greenland & Antarctic Ice Sheets Melting from Below Due to Volcanic Activity Both Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets Melting from Below By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Amidst all the hype over melting from above of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets due to global warming, little attention has been paid to melting from below due to the earth’s volcanic activity. But the two major ice sheets […]

Biden’s Enviro Plan Could Eliminate Up to One Million American Jobs by Andrew West Throughout the 2020 election cycle, eventual President Joe Biden was consistently derided by his opponents regarding his plans to combat climate change and just how many American jobs could be lost should he move forward with them.  Biden reflexively responded with some vagaries about all the “new” jobs that would be created […]