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Whoa! Duck & Cover! U.S. cities consider treating fossil fuels like nuclear weapons – Seek ‘global disarmament’ through a ‘Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty’

Excerpt: “Half a century later, the nations once stockpiling nuclear weapons are now stockpiling fossil fuels, which are already upending life on earth as we know it. That’s why a group of activists, policy experts, and academics are beginning to push for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, modeled off its predecessor on nuclear weapons.’ Via […]

Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Antarctica Has Not Warmed in Last Seven Decades – ‘Sea ice area has modestly expanded’ By James Taylor Cancel all the claims by climate activists that global warming is decimating Antarctica. A peer-reviewed study recently published in one of the most prominent science journals destroys one of the most frequently asserted claims by climate activists – that climate change is warming Antarctica and melting the Antarctic ice sheet. The […]

Science absurdity: Climate Change Blamed For Lake Victoria Record High Levels — After Being Blamed For Low Levels!

SCIENCE ABSURDITY: Climate Change Blamed For Lake Victoria Record High Levels (After Being Blamed For Low Levels in 2006)! @derStandardat After years of warnings it would soon dry up, now at RECORD HIGH LEVEL. — Pierre L. Gosselin (@NoTricksZone) January 5, 2021 By P Gosselin Science absurdity… “Climate experts” blame climate change […]

Climate Change Is Turning Cities Into Ovens: ‘A new model estimates that by 2100, cities across the world could warm as much as 4.4 degrees C’ WHICHEVER SIDE OF the subjective city-versus-rural debate you’re on, the objective laws of thermodynamics dictate that cities lose on at least one front: They tend to get insufferably hotter, more so than surrounding rural areas. That’s thanks to the urban heat-island effect, in which buildings and roads readily absorb the sun’s energy and release it […]

Michael Mann’s new book on the New Climate War Public Affairs Books: A renowned climate scientist shows how fossil fuel companies have waged a thirty-year campaign to deflect blame and responsibility and delay action on climate change, and offers a battle plan for how we can save the planet.  Recycle. Fly less. Eat less meat. These are some of the ways that we’ve […]

Brazil Slams WEF’s Great Reset: ‘Totalitarian Social Control Is Not The Remedy For Any Crisis’ BY: TIM HINCHLIFFE Brazil’s minister of foreign affairs says “no” to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) proposed “great reset” agenda, telling the United Nations (UN) special session on COVID-19 that “totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis.” “Those who dislike freedom always try to benefit from moments of crisis to preach […]

Corrupted climate litigation industry comes to Supreme Court Chris Horner has a piece in today’s Washington Times about the climate litigation industry and next week’s oral argument in the Mayor and City of Baltimore v. BP p.l.c. An Excerpt: Climate litigation industry comes to SCOTUS Supreme Court will decide whether government donors, ideologues and the trial bar should prevail Increasingly, societal institutions have enlisted as […]

Watch: Morano warns of the coming ‘climate lockdowns’ & ‘new normal’ of blacklisting

Fired. Banned from Twitter. Put on a no-fly list. The left is working overtime to punish conservatives who supported Trump. We discuss with @ClimateDepot on this week's show: — Unreported Story Society (@AP_Unreported) January 13, 2021 Climate change lockdowns? It sounds crazy but @ClimateDepot thinks they're in the near future. We discuss on […]

LA Times celebrates a $10M climate scam campaign that will attempt to convince mothers that ~400 ppm CO2 is ‘a threat to their kids’

LA Times celebrates a $10M climate scam campaign that will attempt to convince mothers that ~400 ppm CO2 is "a threat to their kids". — Tom Nelson (@tan123) January 14, 2021 They’re climate scientists. They’re mothers. Now they’re joining the battle to get Americans to act By ANNA M. PHILLIPSSTAFF WRITER  JAN. 12, 2021 […]

The bogus case for regulators greening the financial system By Rupert Darwall Shortly before her nomination as Treasury secretary in the Biden administration, Janet Yellen appeared on a Bloomberg New Economy panel discussing the role of central banks as the world struggles to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. The panel revealed a sharp difference of opinion between Yellen and one of her predecessors – Larry […]