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Reset your diet! World Economic Forum touts eating bugs to save the planet! ‘Good grub: why we might be eating insects soon’

A climate bedwetter saves the planet: "He recommends black crickets, eaten whole." — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) January 3, 2021 2018 article: By Sean Fleming – Senior Writer, Formative Content Finding a bug in your food can be a moment of horror that kills the mood and your appetite in one fell swoop. But that […]

The Great Diet Reset: World Economic Forum promotes fake meat from a printer in video – ‘Machines can currently print up to 6kg of meat an hour’

What is wrong with these Global Reset freaks? — Ezra Levant 🍁🚛 (@ezralevant) December 28, 2020 By Sean Fleming Senior Writer, Formative Content Whether you’re a keen meat eater or not, there’s no ignoring that its production consumes a huge amount of natural resources: 15,000 litres of water to produce a single kilogram […]

‘There is no such thing as cruelty-free milk’ – NYT touts animal rights activists war on drinking milk: ‘Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows?’

'Scientists' are going to determine whether milking cows is 'cruelty'? Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous: "There is no such thing as cruelty-free milk.” — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) December 29, 2020 By Andrew Jacobs Dec. 29, 2020 SCHODACK LANDING, N.Y. — The 1,500 Jersey cows that Nathan Chittenden and his family raise in upstate New York […]

Watch: Morano discusses Climate Hustle 2 film & climate lockdowns on Asia Pacific TV

ASIA PACIFIC TODAY – THE NARRATIVE – Broadcast December 27, 2020 ASIA PACIFIC TODAY THE NARRATIVE. MARC MORANO CLIMATE LOCKDOWN & THEN CONTROL THE NARRATIVE is an issues-oriented show that discusses and at times exposes controversial issues of the day. Marc Morano is the publisher of the award-winning, a global warming and eco-news center […]

New Evidence That the Ancient Climate Was Warmer than Today’s – ‘Roman Warming was the warmest in the last 2,000 years’ By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Two recently published studies confirm that the climate thousands of years ago was as warm or warmer than today’s – a fact disputed by some believers in the narrative of largely human-caused global warming. That was an era when CO2 levels were much lower than now, long before industrialization and […]

No Evidence That 2020 Hurricane Season Was Record-Breaking By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander In a world that routinely hypes extreme weather events, it’s no surprise that the mainstream media and alarmist climate scientists have declared this year’s Atlantic hurricane season “unprecedented” and “record-shattering.” But the reality is that the season was merely so-so and no records fell. While it’s true that the […]