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Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.: Outlier extreme climate scenario RCP8.5 ‘continues its preeminent role in climate research’


‘Ridiculous Climate Prophecy’: How the UN & National Climate Assessment used ‘fairy tail’ extreme climate models to scare the public

Donna Laframboise: “RCP8.5, I think of it as Ridiculous Climate Prophecy” – “Fairy tales to describe how humans might impact the climate by the year 2100.”

It can’t become reality, they point out, unless humanity burns five times more coal than we currently do, “an amount larger than some estimates of recoverable coal reserves.” Whenever RCP8.5 gets mentioned, they say, it should be clearly labelled as an “unlikely worst case.”

Incredibly, that ‘major scientific report’ (National Climate Assessment) takes RCP8.5 seriously. Calling it a “core scenario,” page 6 of the report presents it as a realistic possibility rather than a farfetched hallucination:

“RCP8.5 is generally associated with higher population growth, less technological innovation, and higher carbon intensity of the global energy mix.”

This means the report is junk. No matter how many federal agencies were involved in its creation. But the New York Times didn’t tell readers that.

Finally! Trump Admin is ‘listening to the science’ & seeks to rebut previous unscientific ‘extreme scenario’ National Climate Assessment