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Biden introduces his climate team – Touts ‘more people of color in our Cabinet than any Cabinet ever, more women than ever’ By Kevin Freking The Associated Press WILMINGTON, Del. — Just as the United States has needed a unified, national response to COVID-19, it needs one for dealing with climate change, President-elect Joe Biden said Saturday as he rolled out key members of his environmental team. “We literally have no time to waste,” Biden told […]

Climate activist in Forbes Mag: ‘Lock in lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19’ to battle ‘climate crisis’ – ‘If a deadly virus changed our lifestyle at Warp Speed, why can’t a deadly climate crisis do the same?’

Hat tip: Watts Up With That: Forbes Climate Crisis: “Lock in lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19” We Need An Operation Warp Speed To Battle Climate Change By Wal van Lierop – A venture capitalist & sustainability and cleantech entrepreneur Dec 19, 2020 When I wrote about the new Roaring 20s last December, the world was […]

Climate activist Michael Mann’s new book trailer claims skeptics ‘can no longer deny the climate crisis’ & features Morano looking like a zombie

Fraudster @MichaelEMann now has a trailer for his new climate scam book! At 0:40, Mann claims climate skeptics "can no longer deny the climate crisis". Morano looks like a demon in Mann's portrayal! @ClimateDepot @JunkScience — Tom Nelson (@tan123) December 17, 2020 Michael Mann on How to Win the Climate War and Avoid […]