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Imperial America: Biden Pushes Flint-Failed Obama EPA Chief Gina McCarthy As ‘Climate Czar’

P. Gardner Goldsmith ,

One of the truest adages in human history is that “in government, people fail UPWARD,” and it’s being proven valid once more, thanks to our pal, Joe Biden.

Of course, it took two stellar reporters at CNN to mention the breaking news while, at the same time, overlooking the deeper story, but, according to Dan Merica and Kate Sullivan, Biden has opted to drape the Holy Vestment of “Climate Czar” on the rigid shoulders of former Obama EPA Chair Gina McCarthy.

Cue the Climate Choir.

President-elect Joe Biden will name Gina McCarthy as his White House climate czar, a source familiar with the decision tells CNN, making the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency his top domestic climate coordinator.

And who wouldn’t expect the term “climate coordinator” to be included in a “news report” about the U.S. government, and then, just blithely overlooked?

Because, ya know, “Climate Coordinator” is right there in the U.S. Constitution, with which both Merica (is that really his name?) and Sullivan must be very familiar, since they’re writing a piece on how that government might function.

Their use of the term is kind of like a sports reporter writing about a new official being put into a slot for the NBA, but, in the writing, using terms from the NFL. The label “not applicable” comes to mind.

But CNN seemed more than happy to publish that journalistic fumble, and a lot more. Write the Dynamic Duo:

McCarthy, who currently serves as the head of the Natural Resources Defense Council, will lead Biden’s newly formed Office of Domestic Climate Policy, a source said. McCarthy served as the administrator of the EPA from 2013 to 2017 under President Barack Obama.

And, though CNN’s “reporters” don’t bother mentioning it, in her vaunted EPA position, McCarthy made quite a splash, because she was exposed before Congress for her bureaucracy’s utter failure to warn residents of Flint, Michigan, that their municipal water was contaminated with massive amounts of lead.

Indeed, in 2016, Politico’s Annie Snider covered then House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz’s valiant attempts to get McCarthy to admit her failure — the failure to warn people of the terrible Flint water problem.

’You had the opportunity, you had the presence, you had the authority, you had the backing of the federal government, and you did not act when you had the chance, and if you’re going to do the courageous thing, you too should step down,’ Chaffetz, a frequent EPA critic, said to McCarthy.

Of course, McCarthy did not step down. And she would not take personal responsibility.

And with that failure, she continued to run the constitutionally questionable, Nixon-created EPA until 2017, whereupon she “failed upward.” As Merica and Sullivan note for CNN:

Since January, McCarthy has served as the president and chief executive officer of the NRDC, a non-profit international environmental advocacy group. In that role, McCarthy has led more than 700 attorneys, scientists, policy experts and advocates, according to the organization.

That would be the Natural Resources Defense Council, and folks who follow the giant grifter-graft-tag-team system of government bureaucrats and “Non-Governmental Organizations” are quite familiar with that group. In fact, they might notice that CNN conveniently overlooked some major facts about it.

Those would be facts one can easily access on “Al Gore’s invention”, the internet, but which, evidently, CNN did not find worth reporting, things such as these little facts, via

For example, CNN neglected to mention this quaint double-standard when bringing up the NRDC:

Hedge-fund billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer, who could be called the next Al Gore, backs an anti-fossil fuel organization called the Energy Foundation, which has given millions to NRDC. Ironically enough, researchers have uncovered that Steyer’s hedge fund ‘minted a lot of money off oil and gas investments, among other environmentally destructive business ventures.’ A profile of environmental groups profiting from the very oil and gas companies they fundamentally oppose by the progressive magazine The Nation confirmed that ‘NRDC still holds stocks in mutual funds and mixed assets that do not screen for fossil fuels.’

And don’t ask apple growers if they’re fans of the NRDC – not after the organization was found to have worked with the DC-based PR Firm Fenton Communications to push the unfounded “Alar Scare” in 1989, a baseless allegation that a then-popular pesticide Daminozide, also known as Alar, was connected to cancer. As Menno Henselman writes:

In early 1989, the NRDC released a report on Alar, a chemical used to harvest apples. The report estimated that Alar caused cancer, and children were at greater risk. This report was based on a mathematical model with several assumptions that turned out to be flawed. The data set was limited to mice exposed to amounts of Alar far beyond what humans could plausibly consume. Several research reviews over the past 16 years had previously concluded that Alar was safe at the level of current human consumption.

But, thanks to the NRDC, apple sales plummeted. As the American Council on Science and Health reports:

Mass hysteria ensued. At a parent’s request, state troopers chased a school bus to confiscate a student’s apple. School administrators had apples and apple products summarily destroyed. Apple markets rotted overnight.

But hysteria about private market choices, and blindness to the abysmal failure (and ever-increasing budgets) of the EPA and its former head, McCarthy, seem to be the “news du jour” for big-government CNN, which is all a-quiver about her spot as “Climate Czar”.

CNN’s “reporters” repeatedly hammer the term “climate crisis” when reporting on the Biden-announced ascension of savior McCarthy, never mentioning that there is not a “climate crisis” at all, because, like the Alar Scare, reality gets in the way of their collectivist, government-agency-led agenda.

Evidently, it’s too hard for CNN to print facts about things like the alarmist, manipulated data pushed by the University of East Anglia and the United Nations Panel on Climate Change, a scandal well-known as “ClimateGate.” Evidently, it was too much for these CNN writers, assigned to report on a story focusing on “Climate Change,” to offer information from researchers such as Marc Morano, who, in his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” noted that CO2 levels are actually 10 times lower today than they were thousands of years ago. And it might have been too taxing (pun intended) for CNN’s scribes to actually look at Al Gore’s graph (based on the silly “Hockey Stick” graph created by politically-connected climate alarmist Michael Mann) to see that, despite Al claiming in his propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth” that higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere were driving increases in temps, his graph ACTUALLY shows temperatures rising decades before parallel rises in CO2 concentrations, as measured by isotope researchers looking at ancient ice samples.

Don’t bother wondering why CNN and its team of professional “reporters” don’t mention any of this about McCarthy, the NDRC, or “climate change.”

And don’t bother asking CNN if they have the faintest clue about what “natural resources” are in the first place. That takes an understanding of human nature and economics, because the term “resource” only applies to things that humans recognize as valuable, and for that to occur, people have to be left free to express their valuations and relative preferences. That requires free markets and the ability of participants to attach prices to those things. That, in turn, reflects scarcity, and helps drive new providers to areas where people want more, and move away providers from offering items people don’t want as much.

McCarthy’s potential post as “Czar” is appropriate, given the antagonistic attitude towards free markets and choice seen pervading most of US politics. Like Caesar, she, not the poor “ignorant” subjects, will control the economy and “resources”. And the poor, ignorant subjects will toil to pay her to propagandize them — just like she has done for so long in her illustrious career.

With the help, of course, of CNN.