Biden interior nominee Haaland is anti-fracking, Green New Deal co-sponsor If confirmed, Haaland would be responsible for managing all of the nation’s natural resources, including oil, gas and clean coal, and more than 500 million acres of federal and tribal lands. She would also be in charge of making good on Biden’s promises to reduce the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels and create more renewable energy […]

‘I regret having my kids’ – STUDY: Climate change fears keep some Americans from having kids – Feel bad about already having brought children into the world Climate change fears keep some Americans from having kids, study finds By Bruce Golding Fears that climate change will make the Earth uninhabitable are leading some Americans to decide against having kids, according to a report Friday. The first-of-its-kind study found that 96.5 percent of people surveyed said they were “very” or “extremely” concerned about the […]

‘Can’t make this up’: North Face refuses to supply jackets with company logo to oil & gas producer — even though the jackets are made from oil & gas

North Face refuses to supply jackets with company logo to #Innovex who produce oil and gas even though the jackets are made from oil and gas:’t make this up. — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) December 17, 2020 Northface admits using #SlaveLabor#NorthFace's response: "We continuously work to improve supply chain transparency. Over the past several years, […]

Imperial America: Biden Pushes Flint-Failed Obama EPA Chief Gina McCarthy As ‘Climate Czar’ P. Gardner Goldsmith , One of the truest adages in human history is that “in government, people fail UPWARD,” and it’s being proven valid once more, thanks to our pal, Joe Biden. Of course, it took two stellar reporters at CNN to mention the breaking news while, at the same time, overlooking the deeper story, but, according to […]

Wrong Again: 2020’s Failed Climate Doomsaying By Steve Milloy 2020 has been the wildest and most unpredictable year in the memory of most people. But did the climate doom that was predicted to occur in or by 2020 materialize? What follows are 10 predictions made for 2020 and what really happened. As it turns out, climate doomsayers weren’t seeing so […]

Hindsight in 2020: Report says dire climate predictions have failed to materialize By Sam Dorman | Fox News The year 2020 is ending as it began in some ways — with politicians sounding the alarm over the “existential threat” of climate change and its allegedly catastrophic impacts. But, as many have noted, predictions of climate devastation have historically included major flops. In previous decades, media reports and scientists issued warnings about glaciers disappearing in […]