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HadCRUT5 Adjusts Temperatures Upwards Again

HadCRUT5 Adjusts Temperatures Upwards AgainNOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT / by Paul Homewood / 6h

By Paul Homewood

Man made global warming!!

The Morice paper claims the extra warming has come from an improved representation of Arctic warming and a better understanding of evolving biases in sea‐surface temperature measurements from ships.

In fact it is not scientific to average together Arctic temperatures with the rest of the planet, as it is comparing apples with oranges. It all has to do with latent heat and water vapour, as Tony Heller brilliantly explained: 

Climate scientists know all of this, so why do they continue to promote unscientific gibberish?

And it is of course the Arctic region where most of the warming has appeared:

As for fiddling around with sea‐surface temperature measurements from ships, you can use these to come up with any results you want.

The whole concept of a global temperature is, in any event, meaningless. What matters are temperature trends at a local level.

And when we examine these, for instance the CET, we find nothing to alarm us whatsoever. WEBSITE