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COVID, global warming: Look out when the power-mad left takes a temperature

COVID, global warming: Look out when the power-mad left takes a temperature

By Jack Hellner

Americans have many choices in electric powered vehicles these days, yet, even with subsidies, only around 2% of Americans choose to buy one.

Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, Barack Obama, General Motors, and others, corporate and human, do not believe Americans should have a choice. They want to force everyone into inefficient, expensive electric vehicles in a very short time.  They all claim that they are basing their government edicts on “science” but there is not one piece of credible scientific data from the last 150 years that shows a direct correlation between oil use and temperatures, sea levels and storm activity. They continue to fluctuate as they always have.

The ecological damage to the Earth will be massive if politicians pushing any version of the green new deal get their policies enacted. The already-full landfills would be burdened with hundreds of millions of worthless cars, trucks, planes, trucks, busses, farm equipment, road equipment and all other machinery and tools powered by efficient gas combustion engines.

If Biden and others get their way, the poor, middle class, and minorities will be decimated, people they only pretend to care about. The rich will do fine  Small farmers, small businesses, small rural banks will be bankrupted as their collateral becomes worthless and they will have no money to replace their equipment with inefficient, expensive battery -operated equipment, and that is assuming it is even available. The rich and large businesses will do fine as they are able to buy out bankrupt small businesses and farmers. And the Democrats pretend they care about the little guy. It is no wonder that billionaires overwhelmingly support Democrats.null

Crude oil is used in thousands of products so thousands of industries and tens of millions of jobs will be destroyed but the Democrats’ goal has always been to make the government bigger and more people dependent on the government.

The politicians that want to destroy the economy based on fictional computer-driven models are also the ones willing to intentionally destroy the economy because of a virus. Like climate change, they falsely claim that the lockdowns are based on science. There was never any scientific data that said schools or playgrounds should be closed. There is no data that showed that big box stores were safe, but department stores and mom and pop stores are not. There clearly is no science that showed that outdoor restaurants are dangerous, but movie and TV production is safe. Nor is there science that says church, weddings and funerals are dangerous, but riots and protests and celebrating Biden’s supposed win is fine.

It is extremely pathetic when politicians clearly use their political views to determine who is essential and who is not. All jobs are essential for the people who earn the paycheck and for the people who employ them.null

Whenever there is a federal budget impasse, we hear sob stories from supposed journalists and other Democrats about non-essential government employees not being able to survive and eat, yet they know these government workers will eventually be paid. So why have all these non-essential government workers from throughout the country gotten their full salaries and benefits while politicians are decimating the private sector for the last nine months?

I bet if government workers weren’t getting paid or not getting their benefits, the economy would be open.

It is no wonder that several of the richest counties are from around Washinton, D.C. where they consider themselves special. Democrats pretend they care about income inequality, but all of their policies seek to confiscate a greater share of income, wealth and freedom from the private sector and transfer it to the greedy, powerful government.

Democrats also claim that we need to stop using oil because of pollution, but we know they are willing to destroy the Earth through many means, among them the use of the flammable pollutant lithium. While they promote the pollutant lithium, they seek to put massive controls on the clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas CO2 that essentially makes plants thrive and that allows the planet to be fed.

Aren’t the media and other Democrats greatly concerned that so much CO2 must be used to keep the Pfizer COVID vaccine at negative 94 degrees? Aren’t they worried that this massive use of CO2 will cause global warming?

As the U.S. stops drilling and fracking, it becomes more dependent on foreign adversaries for its energy and on China for rare-earth chemicals. Isn’t it great that Joe Biden and John Kerry want to commit the U.S. to the economy-destroying, non-binding Paris climate accord, while the biggest polluter China gets ten years to start pretending that it will abide by the agreement? The year 2030 is when China will pretend to start reducing its carbon footprint and that is 41 years after the U.N. said we only had a few years left to solve the problem.null

Russia, China, Iran and other adversaries will be extremely happy if the U.S. gives up its oil, its tanks, its planes and its ships — because they won’t. It would be like going to a gunfight with a snowball. The U.S. would be defenseless against countries like Iran that pledge death to America. That is pure stupidity.

Humans have lived through thousands of years of lengthy warming periods, lengthy cooling periods, massive floods, lengthy droughts, and dangerous tornadoes and hurricanes. What we have never had to live through is arrogant politicians and bureaucrats pretending they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever if we just destroy our economy by stopping the use of oil. That oil has greatly improved the quality and length of life for everyone who has used it.

We also have lived with viruses every year without politicians and bureaucrats who were willing to destroy the economy. Tens of millions of people get viruses every year in the U.S., yet we have never locked down the economy. We have never required masks, social distancing or contact tracing. We have never had free testing clinics and tested people with no symptoms or such minor symptoms. We have never counted people dying with heart disease, cancer, lung disease, diabetes and many other diseases as dying of  the virus when the other causes were the primary cause of death. We have also never used an arbitrary positivity rate to determine where and what to lock down.  My guess is that the positivity rate on flu tests is very high because in the past, only people who had symptoms and mostly severe symptoms, ever got tested. People with the sniffles or a little cough didn’t get tested and they certainly didn’t quarantine. We also didn’t close and deep clean after a positive test.

Why should anyone believe a party that lied that you could keep your doctor, keep your plan, and pay lower premiums with Obamacare, when they tell you that if you give up your freedoms, your lifestyle, and trillions of dollars, they will solve all problems? The left claims they can control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever. Anyone who believes that has been indoctrinated and has a common sense and intelligence shortage. Why would anyone believe or care what Obama, Kerry and others say about climate change when they spend millions buying mansions on the beach?

Why would anyone believe congenital liars who willingly battered the public with lies of Russian collusion and who buried the Biden record and corruption when they repeat their talking points on climate change, the virus, election fraud or anything else?  Everything they tell the public is based on infecting the public with a leftist agenda, which is much more dangerous and deadly than COVID-19.

If we had good journalists, they would ask one simple question which I haven’t heard in fifty years of pushing the climate change agenda. The question is: Can you please give us the scientific data that supports the agenda? Please remember that a fake hockey stick graph where they bury warming periods from the past is junk science and computer models are not factual.

As it is, almost all journalists are not journalists at all. They are Democrat campaign workers and they just repeat talking points repeatedly to indoctrinate the public. Indoctrination is a truly dangerous thing that will lead to economic and societal collapse.

Most supposed journalists could be replaced by a mimeograph machine. It would certainly reduce their carbon footprint.