‘Climate Hustle 2’: Kevin Sorbo says global warming is a fear tactic similar to COVID


By Jeannie Law, Christian Post Reporter

Climate Hustle 2 poster featuring Kevin Sorbo, 2020 | Photo: climatehustle2.com

Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo, who is the narrator and host of the new installment of “Climate Hustle,” believes fear is behind the hysteria surrounding global warming.

“Fear’s an amazing weapon in people’s lives and they’re using fear to control our lives as well,” Sorbo told The Christian Post of those who argue that the world will come to an end soon because of global warming.

According to the film’s description, part two examines popular scientific claims and showcases Hollywood hypocrisy, financial corruption, media bias, classroom indoctrination, and political correctness.

“Climate Hustle 2: The Rise of the Climate Monarchy” features leading scientists, politicians and policy experts.

Marc Morano, the creator of “Climate Hustle” and Climate Hustle 2,” said that activists try to keep him from speaking out but his films speak loud and clear. The filmmaker and founder of ClimateDepot.com argues that politicians use fear of global warming to gain power.

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Sorbo, who discusses why climate change remains such a highly debated subject.

Christian Post: Can you share about “Climate Hustle 2”?

Sorbo: It’s just another look at the other side of the issue. We always tend to have the mainstream media [and] everything in Hollywood seems to push one narrative. They never want to show the opposing views. This shows the opposing views.

I’m the guy in there that sort of introduces different people that they’ve talked to, different people they already filmed. I wasn’t even part of it, I came on as sort of the narrator guy, but also [as the] on-camera guy. It’s just a wonderful way to say, “Hey, let’s get educated on both sides of the issue” and then decide for yourself what you want to believe.

CP: What would you say “Climate Hustle” means?

Sorbo: It’s just this whole hustle, this whole idea that we have to look at the end of the world right now, that all these temperatures are going up. The reality is, when they sit there and say the polar ice caps are melting, the polar ice caps are doing fine. Polar bears are doing fine. But we love to keep everybody in fear. Look at what COVID is doing right now. Fear’s an amazing weapon in people’s lives and they’re using fear to control our lives as well. Instead of getting more educated on both sides of the issue, we never really get that. So this is a chance for people to get a chance to look at the other side.

I learned a lot from this, it was incredible for me to hear things. You look at the last president, [Barack] Obama and what he did, pushing and pushing this narrative and spending billions of our tax dollars on it. You’re going, “Wait a minute, you just bought a $12 million mansion on the ocean. So obviously you don’t care too much about the big changes in the world that are supposedly going on.” I’m all for the green of the world. Yeah, sure, why not. Electric cars? Sure. I have no problem with that. But don’t sit there and tell me there’s only one side of the issue. There’s actually three sides, right? Yours, mine, and the cold hard truth. Check it out and make up your own mind.

CP: How do people get away with pushing this narrative of global warming without scientific proof of global warming as you said?

Sorbo: It’s almost cultish with these people. It’s like watching, if you’re a sports fan for a particular team, and you’re watching them play football or basketball, and then they get a call from the officials that you start screaming about, “That wasn’t holding,” and the other half are going to go, “Yes, it was holding.” No matter what you say or do, it seems like there’s always a 50/50 split down the middle of they’re going to agree with you, and those people are going to come after you and disagree with you.

Once again, I would look at “Climate Hustle” and “Climate Hustle 2” for those of you out there that are totally in for the whole that the world’s coming to an end with global warming and check it out and just really look at what these other people have to say. I’m not the expert on this, we bring people in that are experts. I kind of play the antagonist a little bit with it as well. So please check that out and make up your own mind.

CP: Why do you think it is important to show that science proves Christianity?

Sorbo: The one-word answer is what the left usually seems to have when people don’t want to believe in God or believe in the Bible (they say it’s science). There’s the one famous atheist, Dawkins, he said, “Because there’s gravity, it proves that there is no God.” I’m going, “Well, who created gravity?”

My biggest statement always for people that don’t have any faith is, “You cannot get something from nothing.” Somebody started all this, the stars, the planets, the multiple galaxies out there. Somebody started this. It wasn’t you, It wasn’t me. You cannot get something from nothing. It’s impossible. Do I have all the answers? No, but I’m not going to say I just have faith. There has to be an intelligent designer, there has to be somebody that started this. We’ll understand it when our time comes but to me you can’t sit there and say science proves there’s no God because it doesn’t, it doesn’t prove it.

Climate Hustle 2” is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming.

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