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CBS Goes Full Climate Propaganda: Why Are Humans ‘at War With Nature?’

By Scott Whitlock

CBS This Morning on Wednesday partnered with a far-left propaganda outfit to push climate activism and a return to United Nations efforts to attack the oil and gas industry. Co-host Tony Dokoupil fully adopted the agenda as he compared the world to a suicidal person about to jump off a ledge. While he interviewed United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the co-host parroted alarmist talking points: “Why is human kind at war with nature?

The apocalyptic Dokoupil warned: “With our old familiar planet increasingly gone, burned and battered, melting in ways we never experienced before, nearly 200 countries struck a deal to at least begin to address the problem of global warming.” He compared, “So to take your metaphor, the world is on the ledge and your job is to convince the world to step off of it rather than jump?”



In the introduction to the interview with Guterres, Dokoupil explained how the interview came about: “We spoke to him as part of Covering Climate Now, a collaboration of more than 400 news outlets worldwide dedicated to explaining the problem and the dangers of a warmer earth.” That’s one way to put it. Another would be far-left, expensive political goals.

Covering Climate Now was founded in 2015 by the liberal Guardian and the liberal Nation. On its website, under the section, “What is good climate coverage,” here are two bullet points:

Good climate coverage is accurate and fair but need not be neutral about humanity’s survival — it holds political, business, and other leaders accountable for delivering the rapid emissions reductions and other measures scientists say are imperative.

Without drifting into activism, good climate coverage explores solutions — technical fixes such as solar panels and sea walls but also policies such as pricing carbon or halting fossil fuel subsidies, as well as political actions taken to advance such policies, including voting and marching in the streets. 

Got it? No “neutrality” on humanity’s survival and encouraging marching in the streets is okay. That may be why Dokoupil touted the election of Joe Biden: “As we speak here today, the United States is the only country to leave the Paris agreement. We’re not in it. How important was it for Joe Biden to have won the election in 2020?” 

The journalist ended by admitting, yeah, the goal is to destroy the job-rich oil and gas industries:

President Trump would say that Paris Agreement was a job killer and what is interesting about Guterres is acknowledging that, “Yeah it is a job killer if you work for the oil and gas company,” but it’s a job creator on the other side. And really  importantly, he is calling in the speech he is going to give today for a basic income, as he calls it, to help bridge people out of the old industry to something new.

In AprilToday’s Al Roker touted the network signing up to push Covering Climate Now’s propaganda: “And guys, we’re actually proud to say that NBC News has made reporting on climate change a priority, and so we are now happy to be joining and covering, joining this group called Covering Climate Now.”

In September, while cheering the “beautiful transformation” as a result of COVID lockdowns, Roker again pushed the climate activism of the organization: “Through our collaboration with Covering Climate Now, we spoke to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres ahead of next week’s 75th session of the General Assembly.”

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