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Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl reviews the ‘excellent’ Climate Hustle 2

By Lubos Motl

I discussed Climate Hustle 1 in 2016.

This is just a short advertisement. I watched Climate Hustle 2 last night, a cool movie by Marc Morano from and a few others around him. See John Stossel’s review for some comments. There’s another host in the movie – and MiniAOC joins the men and makes it somewhat cuter and more relaxed than it would be otherwise. Petr Mach and Václav Klaus make sure that my nation is punching above its weight.

The documentary persuades the viewers that this movement isn’t about the climate or saving the Earth. It is about the ideology and some people’s thirst for power. It paints the leaders of the movement as the new “climate monarchs”.

Special, somewhat original sections are dedicated to comparisons of the climate alarmist regime with monarchies and religion; to indoctrination of kids at school; to hypocrisies of the celebrities (with lots of technical details); and to some particular “hi tech” proposals to diminish the human race, individual humans, or their diet etc. to make them more CO2-friendly. It is described well how and why it has become materially harmful for young scholars to speak the truth about this topic.

You should buy the DVD from Amazon (see the icon at the top) along with the first Climate Hustle.