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Statistician: Mask ‘mandates are pure political virtue signaling’ – They do not work

By Statistician Dr. William M Briggs
A national mask mandate is asinine and wrong for the following reasons:1) It goes against all evidence on the effectiveness of masks.

2) If masks worked, they would have worked. Compliance is already high and masks have not stopped increasing “cases.” 

…and the “cases” are only infection measured against HUGE increases in testing.

3) The mask mandate would not start for two months, at which time it won’t be necessary (drop off at end is late reporting).

4) The mandate is pure political virtue signaling.Image

5) The panic was caused by the government and media, and mask mandates are their solution to the problem they caused.

6) It is being done also to test your willingness to submit to unnecessary, burdensome & even harmful regulations, orders given just because they can be given. 

7) The slippery slope is real. Give in to this, and they will mandate vaccines to buy or sell.

8) Given into mandated forced mostly unnecessary vaccinations, and you will accept quietly whatever the government dictates next. And next. And next.

9) We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by self-selected, self-credentialed unaccountable cabal of “experts”, whose expertise cannot be challenged because they are picked as “the” experts.

Imagine a country run by No Handshakes Forever Fauci.

10) Do not let your panic win!