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MSNBC & Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann Eager For Crippling Climate Regs

On her 2:00 p.m. ET hour show on Thursday, MSNBC anchor and left-wing climate change activist Katy Tur was salivating over the incoming Biden administration’s plans to implement economy-killing climate regulations by executive fiat.

She led off the segment by hailing: “Four years of climate change denial will come to an end on January 20th when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office.”

Tur excitedly touted how Joe Biden was “planning a flurry of climate-focused executive actions on day one, including rejoining the Paris Accords, implementing the already-existing Clean Air Act, and requiring public companies to disclose their operational climate risks and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Cheering how Democratic hacks crafted “a 300-page blueprint on how to quickly and holistically approach the climate crisis,” she proclaimed: “It begins with reinstating many of the climate regulations that President Trump systematically rolled back.”

Turning to far-left Penn State University professor Michael Mann, Tur continued to revel in the chance to force through a radical agenda:

So, Michael, we have had this conversation multiple times about the number one priority for getting back in the fight against climate change. And you’ve always said step one is getting Donald Trump out of office. Okay, step one seems to be down. What does Joe Biden need to do now to make sure that we are not in a bad situation 25, 50 years from now?

Mann demanded: “…we’ve got to undo first all of the damage that was done by four years of Trump. And that means restoring regulations against polluters… We have to tighten regulations on carbon and methane emissions, improve fuel efficiency standards.”

He urged Biden to dictate such massive policy changes from the Oval Office rather than try to garner support for legislation in a likely divided Congress:

We need to tackle this problem using every avenue we have available to us within the executive branchbecause we may very well see two – at least two more years of inaction when it comes to the legislative branch. And so it’s all about executive action, taking advantage of all of the departments of the administration to attack this problem in a multi-prong fashion.

However, Tur fretted that such a strategy could lead to regulations being overturned by a later administration: “How do you get past a seesawing of Democratic president goes for climate change or fights against climate change, Republican president denies all of it and rolls back regulations? What needs to be codified? What can be codified?”

Former Obama administration climate crusader Jake Levine tried to reassure her: “President [Biden] is going to be focused on creating an administration with climate expertise in place at every single agency and with a whole-of-government approach.”

Tur interrupted: “But what do you do so the next president that comes around doesn’t roll it back, Jake?” Levine clearly didn’t have an answer and just insisted:

This is an incoming president who campaigned on this issue. The American people voted for that. And you know, the hope is that it will continue to be strengthened as federal policy over time because, you know, the politics will demand, you know, that we have a government that actually responds to this crisis.

MSNBC has already proven that it’s ready to be a state-run propaganda machine for the incoming Democratic administration, but segments like this prove that the network will also be working on behalf of the far left to demand Biden push an extreme agenda.

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Remember: None of these economically ruinous regs will affect Katy Tur’s bottom line or that of her well-salaried guests. In fact, they’ll benefit from increased climate spending via federal grants issued by the EPA, NSF, NOAA, NASA, etc. –CCD Ed.

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