The contradictions of Green policies to limit CO2 emissions The contradictions of Green policies to limit CO2 emissionsCO2 Coalition / by CO2Coalition / 1hIs this article about sustainable development?YESNO by Charles Rotter Summary The context of the 2019 CO2 emissions from various Nations and Nation groups is shown above. Currently the burning of Biomass is designated as “CO2 neutral” by Western Nations to give the appearance of reducing […]

Latest Alarmist Hurricane Study Easily Debunked – ‘Serious errors in the paper’ Latest Alarmist Hurricane Study Easily DebunkedNOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT / by Paul Homewood / 3min By Paul Homewood It’s amazing how global warming seems to make everything worse! Yet another junk study from the climate change factory: Climate change is causing hurricanes that make landfall to take more time to weaken, reports a study published […]

Biden Would Make Combating Climate Change an ‘All-of-Government Agenda’ By HARIS ALIC Former Vice President Joe Biden is preparing to make combatting climate change a centerpiece of his administration, with top aides signaling the topic is likely to consume all levels of the federal government. Biden, who promised a New Deal-style approach to addressing climate issues on the campaign trail this year, has […]

Biden’s NASA Would Focus On Climate Change Over Space Exploration by Jeff Foust A Biden administration is likely to place more emphasis on Earth sciences at NASA and slow down the agency’s plans to return humans to the moon, and do so with a new person at the helm of the agency. The Biden campaign declared victory in its presidential campaign Nov. 7 after […]

New Study: Western North America Was Much Warmer And Drier With Peak Wildfire Rates When CO2 Was 265ppm By Kenneth Richard The southwestern US was nearly a desert from about 9000 to 5000 years ago, when Holocene peaks in aridity, surface temperature, and wildfire rates occurred. Arctic sea ice was at its lowest extent of the Holocene during these years. Image Source: Lachniet et al., 2020 A new extensively-referenced study (Lachniet et al., […]

Climate Scientists Do The Most Flying, ‘Damage’ To The Climate…Fly 9 Times A Year! By P Gosselin A survey appearing in the Journal Global Environmental Change shows climate scientists fly more often than other researchers. On average, climate researchers travel by plane more often each year than other scientists, the large, international survey and experimental study of academic travel found. Especially professors, fly more than other researchers. The paper’s abstract […]