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The ‘Climate Refugee’ Scare Never Happened – ‘There has been a reduction in climate-related refugees’

By Andy Singer

For decades, climate alarmists have claimed that catastrophic climate change would lead towards tens of millions of climate refugees fleeing their homes looking for safe haven. These claims have failed to pan out, and as the planet has modestly warmed, climate refugees have decreased, not increased. Read more here.

Bullet-Point Summary:

  • As the Earth modestly warms, there has been a reduction in climate-related refugees rather than an increase.
  • The asserted causes of climate-refugees – increasing crop failures, catastrophic weather events, and islands lost to rising seas – have failed to occur.
  • A majority of islands predicted to shed climate refugees due to sea-level rise are growing, not shrinking.
  • Almost all nations asserted to shed climate refugees due to crop failures are benefiting from steadily increasing crop yields.
  • The United Nations confirms climate-related disasters have been declining this century.

Short Summary: For the past 30 years, climate activists have claimed that islands, cities, and even entire nations will spawn millions of refugees as climate change makes them uninhabitable. In 1989, for example, a senior U.N. environmental official claimed, “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.”Also, in 2005, the U.N. claimed, “Rising sea levels…will create up to 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the decade.” Yet, neither of those predictions has come true, and the U.N. “disappeared” the latter claim from its website.

Original map created in 2005 by the U.N. to illustrate where “50 million climate refugees” would be coming from. The map has since been “disappeared” from the Internet.

As documented in Climate at a Glance: Islands and Sea Level Rise, most small islands, including the “canary island in the coal mine, Tuvalu,” are growing in size rather than shrinking. As documented in Climate at a Glance: Crop Production, almost every nation on Earth is benefiting from steadily increasing crop yields as the Earth modestly warms. And as documented by United Nations data, the number of climate-related disasters has been declining this century.

The above chart, published in the United Nations report, “The Human Cost of Disasters,” shows declining disasters by type in this century.

In summary, all asserted factors leading to climate refugees are becoming less severe as the Earth modestly warms, causing a decline rather than an increase in climate refugees.

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