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Meteorologist Bastardi challenges Joe Biden: Spend a month without fossil fuels

By Joe Bastardi

Joe Biden wants to get rid of fossil fuels. This is a position that is either ignorant of facts, or simply preying on the lack of knowledge people have on this matter. IT IS NOT JUST ENERGY APPARENTLY, HE HAS NO IDEA HOW MANY PRODUCTS THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER RELY ON PETROLEUM!

Its not just the idea we are getting off fossil fuels as a source of energy. Products that are directly produced with petroleum or derivatives of petroleum are not even thought of by the average person, who is being indoctrinated by all this. Either Joe Biden does not understand this, or he does and is preying on the lack of knowledge on this matter by an increasingly indoctrinated public.

So here is the challenge to Joe Biden, Win lose or draw in the upcoming election, I want you your family, and staff to spend 1 month off anything that has a link to fossil fuels.

Here is a list and is still not a full one, but is a start.

Does he understand what the elimination of the petroleum industry means, beyond the obvious? Yet its nod and smile by supporters. They have no idea what they are doing and what is most disturbing is either Joe Biden does not, or he does and is still advocating all this.

And does he think for one second that other countries are not simply going to laugh at all this, and step in and do whatever they want? To quote him “C’mon man” I appreciate in this case Joe Bidens honesty, but it reveals the shallowness of his position. Or maybe not. Maybe he just knows the average person does not look at the list above, just trusts someone that can smile and look in the camera and say he is from Scranton and Claymont, and so trust me.

His quote from one of his interviews. “I guarantee we are going to eliminate fossil fuels”

So this is not really about saving the climate or whatever. We can adapt no matter what the cause if it is a threat. When someone running on this platform, no matter how much he wants to clean it up or hide it, is doing this, there has to be another agenda. And be it Covid, medicare, social security, climate or whatever, the fear industry is hard at work. That is not to say there is no reason for concern and attempts at problem solving. It is to say the shallow idea of getting rid of the lifeline of the American economy energy wise, YET ALONE THE LIST ABOVE, shows it is designed to simply prey on those who have not stopped to think about this. And if you are doing things to collapse the lifeline of this country, then one has to question who your loyalties are really to.

In my book, the Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War, I specifically dedicate a chapter to addressing the fear, whether I believe it or not, that Joe Biden and his crew are pushing on climate. Instead of spending trillions on combatting what may or may not be a problem, plant trees, build nuclear power plants and use Carbon Capture. All 3 are necessary goods for all concerned and would have little effect on the economy. But the microcosm of this was Biden bringing up people living in the shadow of petrochemical plants that are getting sick. His solution: Do away with entire oil industry and cause more misery for more people. The simple fix and far less costly is to offer to relocate people in an area that is not in the shadow of these plants. And by the way, those fumes you see are not co2. That is colorless and odorless and is not a pollutant no matter how much you may want to convince people it is. So when Joe Biden says all these plants are throwing pollutants in the air and affecting the health of the people, which may be true, its NOT CO2 YOU SEE.

No one is against the continued cleaning up of particulate matter, which the United States is a leader in, and China, which has been linked to Joe Biden, is the most egregious example of how to pollute.

So Joe Biden’s solution is to destroy the lifeline of the American economy and other things brought up above, and do it without people stopping to think about what they are voting for. This is amazing. His whole energy policy has been tried in other countries and failed miserably ( Spain and Germany for instance) Failing miserably also is the socialist agendas which no matter how he wants to deceive people, he is covering for. He is not the so called “old Joe”, with the exception of the fact that he still is deceptive on what he says, though he has graduated from plagiarism in 1987 and lying about grades and insulting someone when he was questioned, to a higher level, that preys on people that do not have the time to look at the entire picture. But back in those days and objective press would not let someone get away with that. Sadly that day is gone

Lest you think I am some kind of heartless monster about people living in the shadow of the refineries, let me relay this story. My family in Rhode island in the 60s lived in an area in Cranston with much industry around. Many wound up with cancer, and other sicknesses. I have no doubt that air quality in that area was a factor and by the way it is cleaned up now. My uncle John Conforti, as true a democrat as there was, and I must confess, I was, and still a personal hero to me, got up and blasted the Cranston City council about just allowing industry to run rampant and worship the almighty dollar. Joe Biden has his Scranton stories, I have my Cranston ones. Then again I am not running for president. But Uncle John had good reason, since one of the plants blew up in the early 1970s, proving him right about what was going on. My point is Joe Biden was using something where we now have a far better solution, ignoring that, and then saying he is going to shut down an industry which he plainly has NO IDEA ( and if he does, its even worse) that besides helping fuel your cars ( btw where is all the electricity coming from for all these charging stations, which take hours to use anyway) has many products are involved in the petrochemical industry that make our lives easier. I dare him, his family and his staff to take a month off from fossil fuels and all they have to do with everyday life. But it is the same story over and over again and unless people wake up and actually do the work to look behind what they are being told, these things are going to come to pass. And once they do, there will be no turning back.

As for me, I am not taking my own challenge. Because I cannot do it. But then again, I know how vital that link is, and I am not the one that is basically advocating not for a so called “progressive policy”, but is the opposite. But then again that is the smoke and mirrors that has been a mainstay of this whole agenda, and if one looks closely, was exposed in the debate Thursday night.