UN reports work like this:

Researchers assemble page after page of data few ever read.

Activists then staple a brief, but alarming, executive summary to the front of the report, and politicians and the press only read and quote from that.

UN busted for exaggerated report


The UN was just busted for putting out a report that claims the “human cost of disasters” is rising — but then went on to show a graph which reveals the exact opposite.

Marc Morano posted Pielke’s statement at Climate Depot, along with the UN’s graph which show’s that “the number of climate-related disasters has actually decreased by 15 percent since 2000!”

We’ve seen this over and  over again with reports from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  When you dig into the report you learn, for instance, that contrary to what politicians and the media report, the UN actually has “low confidence” that extreme weather events such as fires, floods, droughts and storms are increasing.

Read the full account at Climate Depot.

When data contradicts extreme rhetoric, go with the data every time.