Bloomberg climate group dumps $2.5 million into North Carolina – So residents can pay higher electricity prices — ‘but the weather will remain the same’

Bloomberg group aiming to ‘elect champions of climate action all over the country’

Mike Bloomberg’s climate change group is dumping $2.5 million into the North Carolina race for lieutenant governor to support Democrat Yvonne Holley in the final stretch before the election.

“Holley, when elected, will be North Carolina’s first African American Lieutenant Governor, and will serve as president of the Senate, chair of the Energy Policy Council, and will determine the fate of critical legislation,” Bloomberg’s Beyond Carbon Victory Fund said in a statement.

The group also announced Wednesday that it is spending roughly $2 million to support Democrats running for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

“Our Beyond Carbon Victory Fund campaign aims to elect champions of climate action all over the country — at all levels of government where an impact can be made,” said Mike Bloomberg. “These races may not make headline news, but I’m glad to support candidates in North Carolina and Arizona who will be leaders on climate action and the urgent work of moving our country more quickly to a 100% clean energy economy.”

Beyond Carbon Victory Fund’s North Carolina spending includes $2 million on broadcast and local cable through Oct. 19 and $32,000 on radio through the same date. The group is also spending $431,000 on digital ads to run this week. The group is also supporting a Democratic candidate for state legislature, state Senator Kirk deViere.