Pennsylvania governor tramples legislators to impose carbon taxes by Kevin Mooney Pennsylvania state lawmakers in both parties have a message for Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, and it goes something like this: No taxation without representation! That message came through loud and clear in September when the General Assembly passed legislation that would prohibit the governor from joining a multi-state climate change agreement […]

UN Contradicts Its Own Data to Promote Weather Disaster Alarm By H. Sterling Burnett A new report issued by the United Nations World Meteorological Agency (WMA), “titled The Human Cost of Disasters,” says climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather disasters each year. PBS and other mainstream media outlets uncritically reported on the WMA report. The U.N.’s own data, however, show the claims […]

Exposing the Eco-Activists’ ‘Greening’ of Pennsylvania in 2020 By Hayden Ludwig & Kevin Mooney Summary: The Keystone State, an oil and natural gas powerhouse, is under siege by an alliance of well-organized, well-funded “green” activists. From cap-and-trade schemes meant to bleed ratepayers dry to fracking bans on one of Pennsylvania’s most vital industries, the environmental Left is fighting an all-out war to blanket […]

Biden Can’t Have it Both Ways on Paris Climate Accord – Pact is ‘one of primary tools with which China is gaming the system’ by Tom Harris, Executive Director, ICSC, ©2020 In his climate change plan Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden says that the United States will “re-enter the Paris Agreement on day one of the Biden Administration.” The former vice-president reassures readers in his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice” that he will “not […]

The Great Energy Non-Transition: Fossil fuels still more than 80% of global energy despite Trillions spent on expensive, unreliable energy

CO2 Coalition | The Great Energy Non-TransitionFossil fuels still >80% of global energy despite $trillions spent on expensive, unreliable energy. — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) October 16, 2020 The Great Energy Non-Transition By Bruce Everett, Ph.D. One of the troubling characteristics of today’s civic discourse is the tendency to confuse predictions with reality.  Nowhere is […]

Watch: Aussie Scientist Dr. Jennifer Marohasy: ‘Experts can’t see anything ‘unusual about current rate or magnitude’ of climate change’

Video featuring Jennifer Marohasy: "Experts can't see anything 'unusual about current rate or magnitude' of climate change" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) October 12, 2020 Sky News Australia Biologist Jennifer Marohasy says natural disasters such as Australia’s recent bushfires are not caused by land getting hotter or drier it’s because “we’ve changed how we manage […]

Climate Indoctrination: Turning Kids’ Grey Matter a Mushy Green By Tony Thomas Australian schools in the past decade have forced literally millions of kids to watch Al Gore’s error-riddled propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth. In 2007 an outraged English truck driver and parent took the education minister to the High Court in 2007 over the film’s gross inaccuracies, with Justice Burton ordering UK […]

‘Today, we live some 100 times better than did our ancestors at the end of the 18th century’ Homer Understood Climate Change By Jeffrey Folks Excerpt:  Ancient peoples were not particularly interested in whether the seas were rising or falling.  The warmer temperatures and consequent threats to coastal areas now bemoaned by the U.N.’s IPCC were a bonanza to ancient peoples — as they are to the world today, if rightly understood.  Their interest was in survival, […]

Industry layoffs threaten the green energy fairy tale – ‘Net-zero energy economy is prohibitively expensive and unreliable’ by Jason Isaac The clock is striking midnight. The green energy movement is about to lose its gleaming white steeds and glass slipper-wearing princess and turn back into an unimpressive pumpkin. Two massive rounds of layoffs mean nearly 20,000 people will soon be out of work at the hands of climate alarmism, as Royal Dutch Shell […]