Trump: Green New Deal Democrats ‘Are Crazy – No More Cows, No More Airplanes, No More Nothing’

By Craig Bannister

If politicians like Joe Biden who want to implement the Green New Deal get their way, Americans won’t have cows, planes – or anything else, President Donald Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday.

Trump disputed Joe Biden’s claim during Tuesday’s presidential debate that he, and not the radical Democrats, controls the party. “I am the Democrat Party,” Biden twice declared during the debate when challenged about the dominance of environmental extremist Democrats:

“Joe Biden’s saying he owns the socialism and extremism in his party, that he owns it.

“You know it’s not his party. It’s not Joseph’s party. You got Crazy Bernie, you got AOC plus three – you got all these crazy people, these maniacs. You’ve got the Green New Deal.”

A Biden administration would rob Americans of everything from airplanes to cows – and might even tear down the Empire State Building – Trump warned:

“How about the Green New Deal? He disavowed it, then he said, ‘No, I agree with it.’ I said, ‘Joe, it’s a hundred trillion dollars. That’s more money than this country can make in the next hundred years if perfect.’ It’s so crazy.

“He wants to rebuild every building in the village. Take it down and rebuild every building. Let’s see, does that include the Empire State Building. Let’s take it down and rebuild it. These people are crazy.

“No more cows, no more airplanes, no more nothing.”