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Statistician Dr. Kevin Dayaratna testifies to Congress: Govt climate models reveal CO2 emissions may be a net benefit to society

Testifying before Congress, Ph.D. statistician Kevin Dayaratna reveals that under reasonable assumptions, government climate models show CO2 emissions may be a net benefit to society.
DR. DAYARATNA: “A more fundamental question completely avoided by the federal government is are there actually any benefits associated with CO2 emissions. Well a model often employed by the EPA actually includes these benefits in its calculations. In fact, under very reasonable assumptions, there are substantial probabilities of negative SCC (Social Cost of Carbon) or in layman’s terms, actual benefits — in some cases as high as two-thirds — resulting from greater CO2 prevalence allowing increased agricultural and forestry yields. This negative SCC estimate would signify that CO2 emissions are not a cost but a benefit to society.”
Hearing: “Climate Change Part IV: Moving Towards a Sustainable Future” Subcommittee on Environment US House Oversight Committee September 24, 2020