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Anthony Watts Review: Climate Hustle 2 Movie coming on Sept 24th – ‘We really are being hustled by the left’

By Anthony Watts

In just a few days, the climate skeptic movie Climate Hustle 2 will be released. Originally planned for release in the spring in 800 theaters, it was delayed by COVID-19 issues. Now, it is set for an online streaming premier September 24th at 8pm in every local time zone internationally. Additionally, they are offering the broadcast of Climate Hustle Part 1 for instant viewing for those who missed it or need a refresher.

I was able to screen it before release.

Climate Hustle 2 looks at both popular scientific claims surrounding climate change and examines motivations of those clamoring for immediate action. Featuring leading scientists, politicians and policy experts, and hosted by actor Kevin Sorbo, the film showcases many instances of Hollywood hypocrisy, financial corruption, media bias, classroom indoctrination, political correctness and other troubling matters surrounding the global warming issue.

It also includes yours truly in a few scenes.

Here are two trailers:

More info is available at

My take on the movie:

This movie covers virtually everything that has ever been said or discussed about climate change. It gives a true perspective of just how hard the media and climate alarmists are pushing an agenda, and how equally hard climate skeptics are pushing back.

If you want rhetoric and doom, watch Al Gore’s movie. If you want a practical and sensible view of what is really happening with climate, watch ClimateHustle2.

We really are being hustled by the left, and it’s depressing to see how much they want iron-fisted climate regulations put on us.

If you can’t make the LIVE event date,  you can still watch with your viewing ticket because the replay of both Climate Hustle 1 & 2 broadcasts will remain viewable through September 27th.

Get tickets here: