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Wash Times cites Depot: ‘Governments cannot legislate the weather’


Though multiple polls reveal that the American public places climate change low on the list of the nation’s problems, some people are still obsessed with it.

“The No. 1 thing we can do is elect a different president who is going to recognize the problem, deal with it forcefully at home, deal with it forcefully overseas. That’s actually the only solution we have to this problem — is honest to God, Joe Biden,” former presidential hopeful Tom Steyer told CNN on Monday.

“Joe Biden is committed to tackling the urgent climate crisis and combatting its devastating impacts, beginning Day 1 of his presidency. Climate is on the ballot this election,” said Michelle Deatrickchair of the Democratic National Committee’s climate crisis council.

Others dissent.

“Contrary to these claims, governments cannot legislate the weather. Climate activists like Steyer think we need more taxes and regulations to somehow stop bad weather and a changing climate,” advises Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot, an online effort to debunk claims of climate alarmists.

President Obama claimed we could vote for better weather in 2012 as well,” he continues, recalling that Mr. Obama once declared that climate change is a “threat” to the future.

“In this election, you can do something about it,” Mr. Obama said at the time.

Mr. Morano notes: “America did vote for Obama. And we are still dealing with droughts, floods and wildfires. Go figure.”