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Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder: MPs, Big Business Owners, govt officials ‘should have a bullet through their heads’ for being ‘culpable for climate catastrophe’

Extinction Rebellion Founder: MPs, Business Owners Should Be Shot

A British co-founder of Extinction Rebellion sparked fury after suggesting MPs and business owners “should have a bullet through their heads.”

Ex-organic farmer Roger Hallam (pictured)criticized the people “who run society” – saying they were “culpable” for the climate catastrophe.

In a recording obtained by Guido, the 54-year-old was heard saying: “Most days when I get out of bed, I’m saying the people that are culpable are the people who run society, run big business, run governments, run the elites.

“They are exponentially more culpable for climate catastrophe.

“1990 might as well give them six months in prison, now maybe you should put a bullet through their head – or rather someone probably will.”

And North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen slammed the action group, telling The Sun: “XR is a trojan horse for those who know they can never get power through the ballot box and claim to represent legitimate causes – environmentalism.

“But as is clear from their widely publicized ambitions of socialism, marxism, anarchy- it’s very clear what their ultimate ambition is. Through their extreme actions and violent actions, they have actually damaged their causes.”

The climate change action group today distanced themselves from the comments, saying they had been made in a previous interview.

A spokesperson said: “Extinction Rebellion is resolutely committed to nonviolence and to suggest otherwise is contrary to the evidence.

“These comments were made in an interview with a freelance journalist over a year ago and as we have previously said Roger Hallam no longer holds a formal role in Extinction Rebellion. His views are his own.”

But Mr. Hallam’s comments were met with fury, with one person writing on Twitter: “So the founder if #ExtinctionRebellion speaks like a Nazi, says ‘Governments + business owners’ should/could have a bullet through their heads and a system of Socialism be put in place to replace capitalism. The stench of #DomesticTerrorism is strong!”

Another added: “So if business owners all have bullets put through their heads, who is going to supply goods and create employment?

“Mind-blowing numpties appear to run with the pack of ‘extinction rebellion’ supporters.”

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Not long back Roger Hallam was calling for Nuremberg style trials.

The founder of Extinction Rebellion wants those responsible for climate change to face Nuremberg-style trials.

Roger Hallam also called for a ‘World War Two mobilisation’ of society, with rationing and the confiscation of private property.

Asked how those responsible for climate change should be dealt with, he told The Times: “The question will be who’s culpable, in the same way [as] with the Nazis.”

He added that “maybe [we] should put a bullet in the head’ as punishment.”