Biden Tries To Play Both Sides Of Green Energy Politics Biden Tries To Play Both Sides Of Green Energy Politics Manhattan Contrarian / by Francis Menton / 12h Do you think that Joe Biden has signed on to the Green New Deal? Do you have the idea that Biden is fully committed if he becomes President to doing away with fossil fuel energy and […]

Like Biden, Kamala Harris Has Endorsed A Complete Fracking Ban – Harris: ‘There is no question I’m in favor of banning fracking’ Like Biden, Kamala Harris Has Endorsed A Complete Fracking Ban Climate Change Dispatch / by David Rutz / 1d Though Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised Monday that he would not ban fracking, his running mate Kamala Harris emphatically supported banning fracking during her failed presidential campaign. “There is no question I’m in favor […]

Biden Says He’s Not Banning Fracking Months After Promising To Stop All New Fracking Projects Reposted from The Daily Caller CHRIS WHITE TECH REPORTER August 31, 2020 Former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania that he has no intention of “banning fracking.” Shale gas drilling rig on a field. “I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning […]

Reuters Falsely Claims Climate Change Worse For Economy Than COVID – Reality: ‘Even worst-case estimates for climate only a small fraction of economic harm caused by COVID’ lockdowns Reuters Falsely Claims Climate Change Worse For Economy Than COVID Climate Change Dispatch / by H. Sterling Burnett / 2h Among today’s top Google News search results for “Climate Change” is an article by Reuters titled, “Climate change bigger economic risk than pandemic, ECB’s Schnabel says.” In it, Reuters interviews Isabel Schnabel, a member […]

Extinction Rebellion Activists Arrested After Blockading UK Parliament Extinction Rebellion Crazies Arrested After Blockading Parliament Climate Change Dispatch / by Tom Ball / 1h Dozens of environmental activists have been arrested as they attempted to block MPs from entering parliament on the first day back after the summer recess. Thousands of protesters from Extinction Rebellion, the climate action group, descended on Westminster […]

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder: MPs, Big Business Owners, govt officials ‘should have a bullet through their heads’ for being ‘culpable for climate catastrophe’ Extinction Rebellion Founder: MPs, Business Owners Should Be Shot Climate Change Dispatch / by Brittany Vonow / 39min A British co-founder of Extinction Rebellion sparked fury after suggesting MPs and business owners “should have a bullet through their heads.” Ex-organic farmer Roger Hallam (pictured)criticized the people “who run society” – saying they were “culpable” […]

New Book: ‘Unmasking Obama’ by Jack Cashill features Climate Depot’s Climategate coverage By Leslie Eastman    Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 6:00pm An engrossing and disturbing analysis of the Obama era, when “a ‘right wing attack’ was an unwitting code for journalism” Few books published during 2020 are as timely and desperately needed as Jack Cashill’s latest work: Unmasking Obama – The fight to tell the true […]

Democrats try to ride Hurricane Laura to Green New Deal By Scott Wheeler Excerpt: The New York Times claims that hurricane intensity is caused by climate change: “That kind of rapid intensification — to use the scientific term for it — used to be rare. In recent years, it has become more common. And that change is a useful summary of how climate change […]

USA’s restrictive environmental regulations giving China ‘dangerous advantage over the U.S. in rare earth mining’ causing ‘national security crisis’ Rare-Earth Elements: A National Security Crisis Molycorp Mine “The Middle East has the oil, but China has the rare earths,” spoken by Deng Xiaoping, Supreme Leader of China, in 1992. What did he mean and what did he know that we didn’t? The “rare earths” that Deng was referring to are known as “Rare-Earth […]