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Joe Bastardi’s Point-by-point rebuttal of Kamala Harris’s unscientific climate tweet

By Joe Bastardi

Honestly, sometimes I marvel at things like this.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Point by point rebuttal of Kamala Harris outrageous tweet

Outrageous statements such as these are gifts that keep on giving.

Let’s check the facts:

1) wildfires less than 20% of earlier 20th century in acreage burned.

2) Hurricane ace index/storm near record lows this year, Globally no increase. EPAC/WPAC well below average So is total Global production this season.

3) Much worse storms than what we see now have always run rampant. The list is legion and too numerous to name.

4) Heatwaves are nothing compared to the 1930s , and if you didn’t have rolling blackouts due to energy policy, there would be less problems, Why the rest of the nation would want to adopt the example of California is beyond any rational person. Besides cold kills more than warm, another fact ignored.

Obviously the person making this statement either does not know these facts, or does and simply seeks to hide them to push a false missive. There can be no other conclusion.

Apparently Kamala Harris does not understand that previous times as warm as today were known as climate optimums, not climate emergencies. We can go on and on, but in this case brevity makes the point.