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Mann, Rahmstorf Struggle To Defend: Flawed Hockey Stick Chart Under Fire (Again) In Germany

Mann, Rahmstorf Struggle To Defend: Flawed Hockey Stick Chart Under Fire (Again) In Germany

Climate alarmism dissenters getting increasingly vocal.

Yesterday I reported on how science editorAxel Bojanowski at German national daily DIE WELT had written a commentary on the deceptive use of a faulty climate hockey stick by ZDF German broadcasting.

Naturally whenever anything of the sort happens here in Germany, attack dog Stefan Rahmstorf of the alarmist Potsdam Institute rushes out to discredit the dissenter and defend the beloved but flawed chart.

Rahmstorf attacks DIE WELT’s Axel Bojanowski

And Rahmstorf again made the mistake of attacking the messenger of the news (Axel Bojanowski). It was probably the only option left for the ever haughty Rahmstorf, because the diligent DIE WELT editor based his stinging hockey stick commentary on statements made by four experts. Rahmstorf likely had no desire going after the four distinguished colleagues. So it was probably easier and safer for him to just take shots at DIE WELT and editor Bojanowski.

What follows is part of the Twitter exchange between Rahmstorf and Bojanowski, English translation follows:

Rahmstorf writes to Bojanowski (see above):

Needless to say – the hockey stick curve is well confirmed by hundreds of scientists after more than two decades of further research – also by the latest data shown above. Its authors have received many awards.
And I’m going swimming now!

Bojanowski reply (in English):

Hello Mr. Rahmstorf, it is a pity you cannot admit a mistake, but even have to put one on top.

In my article, I quote four experts with comments on your curve, which has not been published in the technical literature, all of whom make a highly critical judgment.”

Mann jumps in

Even Michael Mann, the creator of the false hockey stick, jumped in as well in typical hothead fashion, offering to “fix” Bojanowaski’s Twitter account:

Like Rahmstorf, Mann too avoided criticizing the four scientists underpinning Bojanowski’s comment, instead resorted to throwing insults and name-calling.

Kachelmann: “potsdumb unscientific nonsense of Rahmstorf”

Moreover, warmist (but non-alarmist) high-profile Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann got into the fracas, taking a hard shot as well, but at the alarmist camp, tweeting (English below):

Kachelmann’s tweet above in English:

A #thread from @Axel_Bojanowski on the pots-dumb unscientific nonsense of @Rahmstorf
and his press spokesman @terliwetter, who misuse broadcaster @zdf as an outlet for the regular secretion of bullshit.

How much longer? No more journalistic standards @zdf?”

In summary, there seems to be some progress being made on how science gets conducted in Germany. Increasingly dissenters are seeing victories and the public is growing weary of all the arrogance from certain scientists – especially in the fields of climate, COVID-19 and energy.

But it remains to be seen whether or not this long overdue trend gathers steam.