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German Climate Realist Scientists Launching Climate Science Videos To Disalarm The Public

German Climate Realist Scientists Launching Climate Science Videos To Disalarm The Public

German expert scientists, geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and chemist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, need funding to get out climate realist message, which the well-funded activists don’t want you to hear.


German climate video site: asking for donations

German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

Dear readers,

On television and on YouTube, climate warnings dominate. As normal citizens it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with who is unjustifiably stirring up fear of climate and who is trivializing relevant dangers. The YouTube channel “Climate Change Crash Course” is committed to a fair and technically sound presentation.

The first two information videos have already been uploaded there. In these pilot videos, technology was tested, a lot of improvisation had to be done. Computers crashed, hard disk space became scarce, sound cards failed – the usual stuff.

For this reason we decided to upgrade technically and to buy a suitable video editing laptop. In addition, an external sound card and microphones are needed, a camera is to be repaired. Furthermore, we would like to license a professional editing software in order to work without crashes. For all who want to help, there is the possibility to donate here (recipient: Seven Continents):

Please donate via Paypal here.

If you prefer to transfer the sum by bank remittance, please write us: [email protected]

Also help us with content

In addition to your support in setting up the basic technical equipment, you can also help us with the content. Which statements made by prominent climate protagonists appearing in TV programs or on YouTube do you find particularly remarkable and so be made a subject of discussion? Within the scope of the right of quotation, we are allowed to integrate short scenes into analysis videos and comment on them there. Please send us a link if you are aware of relevant statements and suggest them for analysis.

Furthermore, we are considering offering webinars. Would this be interesting for you? Recordings of the webinars could then also be made available on the YouTube channel. We would be pleased to hear your feedback.

Best regards,

Die kalte Sonne team