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New Study: ‘The Most Suitable Place In The World For Temperature Reconstruction’ Shows Net Cooling Since The 1930s By Kenneth Richard on 2. July 2020 A new 1876-present temperature reconstruction for Northern Finland shows the 1930s were the warmest period of the last 140 years. And there has been no net warming since. Tree density analysis, MXD, has a “more prominent association with temperature” than measuring tree ring widths because it can more clearly separate […]

Danes to sort trash into ten types under new green deal Ritzau/The Local [email protected] @thelocaldenmark 17 June 2020 People living in Denmark will need to sort their recycling into ten different containers, under a new deal that aims to cut 0.7m tonnes of emissions and make the country’s waste sector carbon neutral by 2030. Denmark’s climate minister Dan Jørgensen said that, with the average Danish […]

Koalas extinct? Hardly. ‘Nearly everything you have read or heard about koalas is wrong’ By Jo Nova Since Europeans arrived Koalas have been booming and busting The calls were out this week saying that koalas will be extinct in New South Wales in 30 years. But they didn’t mention that Koalas thrive and multiply so fast that in the right conditions scientists talk of ‘plagues’. On Kangaroo Island last year, […]

Myth of ‘noble eco-savage’ debunked? ‘Reservoirs in heart of the ancient Maya city so polluted with mercury…that the water likely was undrinkable’ Toxics traced to Mayans clayware

Myth of “noble eco-savage” debunked? “Reservoirs in the heart of the ancient Maya city of Tikal were so polluted with mercury and blue-green algae that the water likely was undrinkable.” Toxics traced to pigments Mayans used for clayware, etc — Craig Rucker (@CJRucker) July 3, 2020 Ancient Maya Reservoirs Contained Toxic Pollution UNIVERSITY […]

CO2 Coalition responds to calls for Facebook censorship

Climate alarmist heavyweights are weighing in against the @CO2Coalition. I think we are making them nervous! Will Facebook become a censor of opinions about climate or will they allow a spirited debate? C'mon @TomSteyer & @staceyabrams , bring it on! We deal in science facts. — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) July 2, 2020 Response […]