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UK urged to ‘ban new gas cars by 2032 to tackle climate change’ – But reality check debunks

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars should be banned three years sooner than planned and fuel duty raised immediately to encourage the switch to greener transport, government advisers have said.

The Committee on Climate Change is recommending that the car sales ban be introduced from 2032, not 2035, which was the deadline set by the government in February. That, in turn, had been brought forward from the previous target date of 2040.

In its annual report to parliament, published yesterday, the committee also recommends a ban on installing new gas boilers by 2035, forcing people to switch to electric heat pumps or other low-carbon heating. The government has already promised to ban gas boilers in new houses from 2025.



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Green Killers: Congo’s Miners Dying to Feed World’s Hunger for Electric Cars – Exploited by Chinese firms, workers as young as nine risk their lives to feed the world’s growing hunger for cobalt. Solange Kanena sits on her broken orange sofa, heavily pregnant, resting. Looking around her three-room shack, she wonders how she will feed her eight children. Her husband died in a mining accident 10 days ago. She has never held an iPhone and has no idea what an electric car is. But when the deep, muddy tunnel collapsed on her husband, he was digging for a commodity that is critical to the batteries of both: cobalt.

Last year about 70% of the world’s supply came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest, most violent and corrupt places on Earth. Much of its cobalt comes from around this town. “Without DR Congo there is no electric car industry and no green revolution,” said Anneke Van Woudenberg, head of Rights and Accountability in Development (Raid), a UK-based campaign group.