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Minnesota Sues Exxon, Koch Over ‘Climate Change’ – Accused of ‘deceiving consumers about the effects of climate change’

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says energy companies have deceived the public about climate change.


The Minnesota attorney general sued Exxon Mobil Corp., Koch Industries and a top oil-and-gas trade group Wednesday, alleging they have for years deceived consumers about the effects of climate change.

Attorney General Keith Ellison said Exxon, three Koch companies and the American Petroleum Institute deceived the public about climate-change science to protect their business interests and, in doing so, violated Minnesota laws that prohibit consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices and false advertising.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction barring further violations, financial restitution for alleged damages to Minnesotans and an order requiring the entities to fund a public-education campaign on climate change. Mr. Ellison said the penalties could amount to billions of dollars.

“This lawsuit is part of a coordinated, politically motivated campaign against energy companies,” Exxon spokesman Casey Norton said. “The claims are baseless and without merit. We look forward to defending the company in court.”