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Delingpole: Australia Invites High School Dropout Greta Thunberg into the Classroom

Australian schools have been teaching children as young as eight that Greta Thunberg should be their role model on climate change.

Thunberg is a teenage school drop out who knows nothing about climate change other than what she has picked up from left-wing newspapers and propaganda sites, and from movies like Ice Age 2.

But teachers in New South Wales have nonetheless been urging their classes to treat Greta’s opinions as gospel. A lesson plan on the NSW Education Department website asked students to study a Thunberg speech, examine its techniques, and then decide what needs to change.

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, there were:

Lesson plans instructing students as young as eight to study Greta Thunberg’s speeches and then spread her message.

The New South Wales education department has now removed the lesson plans from its website and launched an ‘urgent inquiry’ into how they got there.

However, the NSW Education Department clearly wasn’t that concerned about feeding primary school children naked green propaganda, for the lesson plans were up on its website for nine months. It only took them down after concerns were raised by the newspaper