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‘Anti-Greta’ Naomi Seibt Strikes Back at Climate Activist Misanthropy Guest essay by Eric Worrall In an interview with the Express, a popular UK newspaper, Naomi Seibt has questioned the misanthropic goals and motives of those who find glory in the clear waters of venice, or clean air of formerly polluted cities, but ignore the tragic human cost, the Covid-19 pain, death and lockdown […]

Scientists Discover That Coral Reefs Can Adapt To Warming Ocean Temps Courthouse News Service (CN) — Some coral reefs are adapting to warming ocean temperatures by making their own sunscreen in the form of bright neon colors — a strategy which invites coral animals to return to reefs and is seen as a critical adaptation to maintain healthy coral reefs around the world. Acropora corals […]

EU climate policy means exporting ’emissions’ to other parts of the world Exporting jobs as well, in pursuit of their ‘climate ambition’ aka fantasy. EU voters should be careful what they wish for. – – – The EU has an ambition of being climate neutral in 2050, says Science Daily. It is hoped that this can be achieved through a green transition in the energy sector […]