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‘Anti-Greta’ Naomi Seibt Strikes Back at Climate Activist Misanthropy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In an interview with the Express, a popular UK newspaper, Naomi Seibt has questioned the misanthropic goals and motives of those who find glory in the clear waters of venice, or clean air of formerly polluted cities, but ignore the tragic human cost, the Covid-19 pain, death and lockdown misery which has made all this possible.

How dare you! Anti-Greta Thunberg makes bold statement against global warming doomsters

GRETA THUNBERG’s rival Naomi Seibt has launched a stunning attack on the climate change activists who have widely shared images of the world, where pollution levels have dramatically dropped.

By CLIVE HAMMOND PUBLISHED: 21:19, Sun, May 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:26, Sun, May 24, 2020

On social media, photographs of places such as Venice – where its canals were once doused in litter and other substances – looking clean and clear, after locals were ordered to stay indoors as part of the coronavirus lockdown. Other places, such as in Portsmouth, UK, were also snapped looking clean as pollution from motor vehicles has rapidly declined. Many who share these pictures claim it shows exactly how pollution has affected the world and that pollution must be cut now to protect the environment.

However, speaking to, Ms Seibt argues that we must look at the bigger picture before accepting the new normal life.

She said: “Of course those pictures are beautiful, but the question we ought to ask ourselves is what is our end goal?

“Do we really want to stay inside forever and not live our normal daily lives? Not use cars, or technology or travel around the world?

“People in the world are depressed right now, people are not doing very well. And just because the sea looks nice and people can see and point to nature and say ‘look we were the parasite all along’.

Naomi is taking a significant personal risk by continuing to speaking out on climate issues.

In Germany Naomi Seibt has been fined, and faces the threat of further legal sanctions for the crime of talking to the Heartland Institute, and the crime of publicly disagreeing with the official position of Germany’s increasingly authoritarian bureaucracy.

In a sick twist, the official motto of the German government agency which fined Naomi for wrongspeak is “Der Meinungsfreiheit verpflichtet”, which means “Committed to Freedom of Expression”.

If you want to help Naomi, go directly to her Youtube page for donation information