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WATCH: Actor Kevin James Makes Short Film Mocking Coronavirus Response – ‘A clear hit on the folks who are all too eager to call authorities on folks not appropriately social distancing’

WATCH: Actor Kevin James Makes Short Film Mocking Coronavirus Response, ‘Karens’

Last week, actor Kevin James made a short film mocking our response to the novel coronavirus.

The short video, titled “Out of Touch,” shows James and another man running and hiding from police cars and helicopters. Before the chase ends, the video flashes to “Six Hours Earlier,” in which the manhunt is “explained.”

James and the other man, a runner, are “caught” by nosy passersby exchanging a, gasp, handshake. With their masks on and cellphones in hands, James and runner are reported to the police for their coronavirus indiscretion.

Staring at the narks, James tells the other man, “run,” before the short film ends.

The video is a clear hit on the folks who are all too eager to call authorities on folks not appropriately “social distancing”; these people have been mockingly dubbed “Karens.”

In real life, some of those “Karens” are members of the American news media. In one prime example, CBS Chicago ran a full segment on a local ice cream truck driver for violating “COVID-19 protocol.” The working man was harassed on bike by a CBS reporter, who filmed the scolding.

Last month, Wisconsin neighbors alerted police to a local mother who allowed her young daughter to have a playdate at another neighbor’s house. The police showed up at her home and harassed her. “Stop having your kid go by other people’s home!” one officer yelled.

And earlier this month, two young Texas women, ages 20 and 31, were arrested after police were tipped off by neighbors that they were providing beauty services for money in their homes, an apparent violation of a stay-at-home order. Neighbors of Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia, 31, and Brenda Stephanie Mata, 20, sent anonymous tips to the Laredo Police Department via an app, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

James has around 30 short films on his YouTube channel, mostly comical videos, such as the actor posing as the “sound guy” in movie hits like “Joker” and “Braveheart.”

The actor, who’s starred in hits like “King of Queens,” is known for his charitable giving and has been open about his Catholic faith.

“I am involved in my faith, it becomes more and more — you know, it becomes a difficult, difficult position,” James told Catholic News Service back in 2012. “You have a platform and you don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God in every way.”

“I can’t play a priest in every film, either,” he explained. “You definitely want to have a positive message. I want to be able to sit and watch my movies with my children.”

“I was born and raised Catholic and absolutely love my faith and learn more and more about it all the time,” James said. “It’s nice to have that going into whatever you do, whatever part of life you take upon yourself.”


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