Was it Covid 19? I don’t know, but when antibody testing comes out where I am not jamming up the medical system, I am going to get one. I suspect that there are many times more people that have had this, which changes ideas on how to fight it

But here is the point, I can see the next huge battle from the left building because they are going to try to piggy back the climate issue with the desperation of this urgent issue. Facts on human life improving so dramatically in the age of fossil fuels matter not. The fact that co2 has just broken an hourly record for all time record high (near 420 ppm) despite the shutdown caused by Covid 19, ( while true harmful pollutants dropped) means that arguments about this being one of the ways to stop man made climate change have to be questioned. If one wants to argue “ lag” I am open to that, but then we should see a bigger drop off than average in the green season which in spite of the record cold coming into the east yet again, as so often happens naturally when its cold in one place its warm in others, so the west is frying. Which leads to another point which is about what is going on in California. In the years of the greatest generation our TROOPS stormed beaches in faraway places to defend our way of life. Just what is our way of life? I sum it up with “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” Here we are so many decades later and we have people storming the beaches in California from the opposite direction simply because they want that way of life that our true warriors fought for. I am not against recommendations from people in power, strong recommentions. But dictating to people, threatening to arrest people ( how crazy is that, letting people out of jail, and replacing them with a conditional law breaker, based on what someone above thinks. But then again when you see what happened to general Flynn, you realize what can happen in other things) But think about that, Do you see what the “perspective” I am talking about is? You have a hideous disease, I make no bones about that, but as information is revealed we are seeing the ways to fight this. The problem is that we have evolved to a society that pays no attention to the old Italian adage ( I have and Italian heritage after all and am getting old): “No Solo rischiando tu vivrai” translated : “only by risking will you live” ( note: listen to Andrea Bocelli’s love song to God, Un Nuovo Giorno) But it comes down to this, without risking there is a limit on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In addition the song title of the song means “It’s a new day” You see, we start every day understanding what we have. Our stuff. Once we get our stuff, we own it. Its ours. So you own it but it then owns you. It can weigh down your thinking so much you will exchange freedom for safety. And people that wish to control others are well aware of that. So what is going to be the natural pivot from the current real crisis we are in, one I do believe looking at the latest data and being smart we can still pull out of, To the other pressing “disaster” of our time, manmade climate change.

Quite frankly the American people with both issues are faced with a choice. What is the acceptable risk for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Does one want to outsource their own ideas and beliefs to a group of people that offers supposed safety over freedom. There is a large amount of people that are invested in the latter. You look at the Drudge report and you are hard pressed to find anything positive. Fear and safety sells. Seriously, if you are a large company interested in making a profit, you go to what sells. How can you not? Its like the person that has their whole life invested in man made climate change. Why aren’t they stopping to think about the chance that the co2 increase in a product of naturally warmed oceans outsourcing it. You think an Al Gore or John Kerry is looking at the Keeling curve of co2, and wondering, hey I wonder why this is not slowing down? If there is an interesting bone being thrown skeptics on the cause and effect of all this its that if there is no response ( keep in mind we are talking parts per million here, so there should be some indication even if there is a lag) then we must acknowledge that economic shut down that is being touted as a way to stop man made climate change indeed needs to questioned, since the number one devil, co2’ has not batted an eyelash. Even if it is .5 PPM lower than last year, given the seasonal drop due to greening, that is not too much to ask given about 25% of the year had the economic slowdown.

BTW the hint in how to make this all a moot point is a massive global tree planting initiative (more nuclear power and carbon capture would add to it) Would be far less limiting to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and actually show voters concerned about climate change that there is a reasonable response. It would take the whole co2 question off the table and we can really see what the cause of the rise of it and the warming is. I suspect though this would take a way a big cottage industry built around letting people know how bad things are.

But people are going to have a choice. Those men and women of the greatest generation answered the question that they loved freedom more than safety. They are part of the reason we are who we are today, have advance so far and have so much that we own, that it now owns us. So the question is which do we cherish most? The chance for freedom or supposed safety. Ronald Reagan said it only takes a generation to destroy freedom. With each passing day his words carry more weight