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US Green Party’s Marxist Agenda – ‘COVID-19 presents only a fraction of what’s to come as the climate emergency escalates’

US Green Party’s Marxist Agenda

By Paul Homewood

Don’t ask!! But I’m on the mailing list for the US Green Party.

This is their May Day newsletter:

We hope you had a Happy May Day and took a moment commemorate the international struggle for workers’ rights, equity and justice. This year, we greeted May Day at a critical juncture in that struggle.

This COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the brutal disregard our economic and political systems have for workers’ well-being. Frontline workers are told to go without proper safety equipment, others have been forced out of work entirely and left to fend for themselves, giant corporations have been gifted enormous transfers of wealth and now our communities are bracing for brutal cutbacks to public goods and services at the moment we need them most.

COVID-19 presents only a fraction of what’s to come as the climate emergency escalates. Our hyper-capitalist plutocracy, led by the two parties of War and Wall Street, has flunked this test. Miserably.

To defend ourselves against “Shock Doctrine”-style exploitation of this immediate crisis and to win the Eco-Socialist Green New Deal necessary for averting the crises ahead, we must join together now in strategic, networked collective action to shut this system down. We are fighting for our lives.

It is not yet safe for physical gatherings but there is still much that a People’s Strike can accomplish to support the demands of frontline workers and prepare our communities for the time when we all can — and must — assemble in the streets, city halls and state legislature buildings as necessary to demand a People’s Bailout and immediate implementation of a Green New Deal.

Sign the People’s Strike pledge today and receive updates about organizer trainings, announcements and more information as this wave of strikes and other mass, collective actions develops over the coming weeks.

Michael O’Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager

A reminder, if one was needed, that environmentalism has very little to do with the green agenda.