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Al Jazeera Climate Misanthropy: ‘Will coronavirus help nature reclaim the Earth?’

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Yet another green celebrating the retreat of humans in the face of a deadly epidemic.

The Green Read: Will coronavirus help nature reclaim the Earth?

There are signs of wildlife flourishing in the absence of humans, but COVID-19 has also slowed conservation efforts.

by Nick Clark 30 Apr 2020

In these times when we need to seek out positives to counter the gloom, there are many good things happening in the natural world. In the space wrought open by COVID-19, a quiet has descended on parts of our planet previously drowned out by normal life thundering on.

It is of small comfort to businesses that rely on the daily whirl to survive but it is happening, so let us drink it in.

In our cities, the thrum of traffic and construction and planes passing overhead has given way to the boisterous dawn chorus. This daily symphony of birdsong is more audible than it has been in decades in urban areas this northern spring.

Even the ocean depths are quieter with fewer ships at sea, and marine biologists are taking this rare opportunity to study the impact the lack of churning, droning propellers will have on ocean life.

Worldwide emissions are down and the air we breathe is cleaner. Wildlife in river and estuary, field and hedgerow and even on the urban fringe, is making hay in the absence of the human hordes and their vehicles.

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Greens are being quite open these days about celebrating widespread Coronavirus misery as something wonderful and inspirational. Remember this when everything returns to normal, and greens go back to trying to be your friend.