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Michael Moore: Coronavirus ‘Should Act as a Warning from Mother Nature’ that ‘our behavior is not appreciated’


Documentary filmmaker and left-wing activist Michael Moore is the latest entertainment figure to use the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to hold forth on the environment, claiming that the outbreak is Mother Nature’s way of saying that she doesn’t like the way we have treated the planet.

Michael Moore claimed in a recent interview to promote the new environmental documentary Planet of the Humans that the global pandemic is nature’s “warning” that “our behavior is not appreciated.” He also claimed that the species that have given us viruses are often the ones we mistreat.

“We are in dangerous, dangerous shape here, and this pandemic should act as a warning from Mother Nature that … our behavior is not appreciated,” the Oscar-winning documentarian told USA Today. “And the fact that we have treated the species on this planet – species that often times give us these viruses. It’s a failure of us – all of us who call ourselves environmentalists.”



Michael Moore is teasing his controversial new documentary about the environment. 

Michael Moore teases ‘shocking’ new documentary, says coronavirus is a ‘warning from Mother Nature’

Michael Moore teased his controversial new documentary “Planet of the Humans” and discussed coronavirus on MSNBC.

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The Roger & Me and Farenheit 9/11 director said that the environmental movement is in serious need of a reboot.

“The planet is in worse shape, and we have to do something different. We have to get off the road we’ve been on,” Moore said. “We need a new environmental movement, we need young people to essentially take over. It’s their future.”

Moore also told USA Today that corporations and parts of Wall Street have been trying to “take over the green energy movement because they see profit in it.”

“They try to buy off certain people and organizations within the movement,” he said.

Planet of the Humans presents a critical view of the environmental movement, arguing that solar energy and electric cars aren’t helping the Earth. The documentary has provoked condemnation from some environmentalists, who are demanding that it be taken down from YouTube due to alleged inaccuracies.

As of Monday afternoon, the documentary was still on YouTube and has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Michael Moore joins fellow entertainment personalities Cher and Idris Elba to find an environmental angle on the coronavirus outbreak.