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Watch: Morano on how the progressive left is loving the coronavirus lockdowns. What will they use it for next? Climate change?

Rough transcript of Morano: It’s the fantasy of every progressive left-wing public health bureaucrat.  Steve Milloy, who does said it best he said he doesn’t know of a single conservative-libertarian that is left in the public health field. He said that anyone in it would have been drummed out marginalized and ignored, the same way there are very few if any conservative teachers education officials left in the NEA.

You have all these people have amassed power with one single ideology which is essentially: ‘We know better, we need to manage every aspect of people’s lives for public health and safety.’ One of the great examples here is, as we look at this with the old 55 miles an hour speed limit here in the United States. We know that it saves one life it’s worth it well now you know they finally got overturned back I believe the late 80s and now you have states like Montana with near 90 mile an hour speed limits. But if we really cared about saving one life, why not bring the speed limit down to 25mph?

We could save a ton of lives. We know that there’s a certain cost to freedom. There’s a certain cost to not living under house arrest and quarantining is when you quarantining sick people. Authoritarianism is when you quarantine healthy people and that’s what’s happened here there’s this is frightening and some of these governors we’ve exposed as petty despots here in the U.S. that the governors of New Jersey, New York, Michigan, &Virginia and others.